Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Salt Lake Half Marathon Race Goal

Saturday I will be participating in an impromptu race... the Salt Lake Half Marathon! One of my closest friends has been training for this religiously for months, but she fell victim to the devil known as "Runner's Knee." I'm excited to pretend like I am her for a couple of hours to be able to run this race!

I only have one simple goal: RUN WITHOUT STOPPING.

I do not want to take any walk breaks for any reason besides sucking down water. My last half marathon I ran in 1:50, and I had waaaaayyyy too many walking breaks. I'm hoping by achieving this one goal that I will be able to PR. We'll see! I haven't had much time to mentally prepare for this so it's kind of different for me. It's been nice! Plus, check out the downhill on this course- I should be able to fly.
However lately I've been having troubles..... Bathroom troubles. Why do they only have 2 bathroom stops on the half marathon course, and in the full marathon they have 13?! Why?! Ya'll should start praying for me because I'm going to need all the help I can get!

Goodness. I can't believe I just wrote that on the blog. Well, honesty is the best policy- or so they say.

If you're around SLC you should stop by the Gateway and cheer me in- unless you are creepy. I don't think I'll have a cheering section this race. I'm crossing my fingers that the hubby and babies will be there for this one.
Wouldn't it be incredible to break the tape for a race? Awesome.

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Cory Reese said...

2 BATHROOM STOPS?!?! I'm surprised more runners don't protest that.

You will do AWESOME!