Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekly RUNdown

Sometimes we go along and we're so concerned about what is happening with our running.  Is the IT Band tight?  Why do I have this pain in my foot?  How's my form?  Am I going to have to miss a workout?  How am I going to make it to the start line if I keep getting sidelined like this?

While the worries and concerns of a runner are important sometimes, when something truly important happens, everything else falls away and we are able to see clearly what the bigger picture has in store for us.
My Grandma Jewel holding my sweet Annie Kate on her blessing day.

Last Sunday my Grandma Jewel passed away.  She was 94.  My Grandma lived with my parents for over 6 years, and for the last nearly two years she has been in a care center why my own sweet mother has been there every single day to take care of her.  My Grandma was ready to move forward and leave us behind.  We believe that there is much more than this life, and I know that I will see my Grandma again.  We are happy for her, but that doesn't mean we aren't sad for ourselves.

No matter the circumstance, losing a loved one is difficult.

I spent much of this past week grieving her loss.  For that reason, my focus was definitely on more important things than what my training schedule says or deciding when I was going to squeeze some strength training in.  However, I'm grateful that I was able to have some truly cleansing workouts and deal with some of my grief in a constructive way.

Monday:  Cylcing- 11 miles in 45 minutes.
Tuesday:  Elliptical at 5 resistance, 25 minutes.  Followed by 3 miles of "hills" on the treadmill- started at a 4 incline and worked up to a 5 for 2 miles.  The last mile I dropped incline to zero and ran at an 8.5. 8:28/mile average pace.
Wednesday:  Cycling- 14 miles in 1 hour.  IT Band/Shin routine, 25 minutes.
Thursday:  4.3 miles 8:20/mile pace on hills with Jami.  This totally kicked my butt.  I definitely need to hit the hills hard.
Saturday:  8 miles with 7:58/mile pace.  I ran for Sherry Arnold.  Did you?

Last week's goal:  Eat less fatty foods.  I was in control at home, but being out of town for 3 days definitely took it's toll on my diet.  It was no bueno.  I'm going to try again this week

This week's goal:  Get back in the groove.  Strength train for sure.  Last Sunday night when we were going to bed my husband accidentally kicked my foot.  It is still hurting!  I'm going to really pay attention to it this week, RICE, and only cross train if I have to.  Hopefully I can still hit my 10 miler hard on Saturday.

We did have some happy times in my Grandma's honor.  The best part was getting together with my family.  I love them so.
The Wilson Family!  Me, Clay, Cami, Mom, James, Dad, Sam.


Christina @ The Athletarian said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Amylee. It is hard to lose someone so close to you. My dad passed away 18 years ago and I still have nights where I cry myself to sleep. I am happy you all celebrated her life and honoured her in a positive way. Way to rock the workouts. Keep on shining, girl :)

Rachelle Wardle said...

So so sorry about your loss Amylee my thoughts and prayers are definitely with you. Things like this always tend to put life into perspective and help us to realize that some things simply do not matter in comparisson to the bigger picture. Your family is absolutely beautiful.

Julia said...

i am so sorry to hear about your loss dear friend. you are so right in saying that sometimes there are just other things that are more important. i hope that you find peace and also strength as you are surrounded by family! miss you friend! thinking of you!

Ali Mc said...

I am so sorry to hear this Amylee. She sounds like she was was awesome lady. Probably had a great time with all of you too. Living with your parents :) so nice.

My family and I send our condolences. xoxoxox\

I lost my grandmother this year too :(

Suz and Allan said...

I'm so sorry about your grandmother Amylee. I am confident there are numerous happy memories of her that you have. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family!