Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Run My Guts Out

I just walked in the door from one of the hardest runs I have had in a long time.  I feel like I fought through everything that I could have on a run.

Side ache.
Chunky burps.
And...  that which must not be named.

But you know what?  I didn't quit.  I pushed and pushed and pushed.  No matter how I was feeling, I knew I had the ability to keep going- no matter what was pressing my buttons at the moment. 

I was reading- on a blog that has nothing to do with running- about potential.  She said that if you don't give 100%, then how do you know what your potential is?  We can always reach higher than we think we can, go further than we think we can, and run faster than we think we can.

We just have to keep trying.

I'm at the point that I don't know where this blog is going any more.  I love it, but there are so many other things that are pulling my attention, and this is the thing that falls by the way side.  So even if I'm not posting regularly, then you must know that sometime, somewhere, at some random hour of the day, I'm out there- running my guts out.

I hope you are too.

10 miles.
742 foot gain.
7:59 pace.


MotherRunner said...

Wow, awesome run. I'm at a similar place with my blog - this is actually the first morning in a very long time I've had time to read the blogs I used to.... and posting on my own blog is becoming less and less frequent as my kids get older and new activities pack my schedule.

Coy Martinez said...

Check you out jumping machine!! You're so happy these days!! It's so easy to tell that you're running is going great! :)

Rachelle Wardle said...

YOU FREAKING ROCK!! Thanks so much for this post I really needed it today. Tapering for a marathon comes with a lot of self doubt but everything you said here is so so true. Thanks for being an inspiration to me Amy.

A few of us are getting together to run a "bunny hop" 5k time trial this Saturday if you are interested in joining. I know you are busy busy but let me know if you can come. :)

Amber said...

Can I just thank you right here and now for not saying 110% --- THANK YOU, Amy.

Amy N. said...

I've been feeling the same about my blog recently too. I am pulled into so many different directions and blogging isn't really high on the priority list.

I love your blog though and am glad you're still running either way!

Ann said...

Did you say "Chunky burps"? LOL. Thanks for the awesome reminder that bad runs are sometimes OK. And - I LOVE the photo. adorable.

Karina Marie Powell said...

Hi cute girl!! I LOVE your blog!! I am a devote runner! ha not quite 7 minute pace (you go girl!) but love races!! I am 19 weeks pregnant and running is what keeps me sane! I LOVE it!! We are LDS as well! my husband and I love running together! here is my blog!
I love hearing tips and seeing runners!!
xoxo karina

Terra said...

I do love reading your blog:) Even though you're a faster runner than I am it's nice to know that you go through exactly the same things I do.

I've been kind of lame on my blog as well. Even when I had a great run, I just didn't feel like blogging about it...I'm trying to get out of my funk.

Falon said...

YESSSS! You are such a tough mutha runner, Amy! That jumping picture is wayyyyy sweettttt!