Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly RUNdown

What a great week!  I was all by myself this week and was in the mood to run really hard.  It was great, and although I probably pushed myself a little harder than I should have (especially on my hill run), I don't regret it.  I may take it a little easier this week to make sure I can recover properly.

Monday:  Yasso's, 8 sets: 3:15, 3:12, 3:14, 3:13, 3:15, 3:16, 3:14, 3:16.  My goal was 3:17.  I was really happy that I was able to run so consistently, especially towards the end.  I was running out of time and had to cut my recovery time in half, so just being able to hit my goal was exciting. 7.09 total miles.

Tuesday:  Cycling- 11.2 miles in 45 minutes (14.9 mph).

Wednesday:  10 miles, hills 742 foot gain, 8:00/mile pace.  This run was hard, but it made me really, really happy.

Friday:  Cycling- 11 miles in 45 minutes (14.7 mph).

Saturday:  15 miles, 8:08/mile pace.  I ran in the afternoon in the glorious sunshine and it was A-MAZING.  I came home covered in salt streaks, sunburned, and with a smile on my face.  I ran alone and it was nice to be able to run at my own comfortable pace (and to see what my comfortable pace for a long run by myself is!)  This gave me the confidence that I needed- maybe a 3:30 marathon isn't as much of a pipe dream as I thought.
This was such a fun week of training for me.  It feels so great to push yourself hard and see what you are capable of sometimes.  If only every week could be like this!

As a result of some hard runs, my left shin is feeling really tender.  It didn't bother me at all while running, but it's pretty tender to the touch.  I have figured out how to foam roll my shins in a super awkward position, so I'm doing that a couple of times a day, icing, and wearing my compression socks.  I'm pretty positive that it's going to be just fine.

My positive attitude may have been influenced by lots and lots of Easter candy, triple date with the husband and some friends, and the cutest kids around.  And the sun.  The sun helps the attitude A LOT.

What little thing helps lift your spirits?


Stephanie said...

The sun seems to solve every problem I've ever had. Well, not really...but it sure does help my mood. Glad you had an awesome week!!

Rachelle Wardle said...

I totally agree! The sun helps a ton. :)

Awesome week of training my friend and duh of course you are in shape for 3:30. Or should I say 3:29:59

Rachelle Wardle said...

Not sure if my last comment went through because I wasn't logged in. But all I said was that you have the cutest family ever, I love you, and I predict a 3:29:59 from you. :)

Great week of training and yes indeed the sun makes me so happy. However not so happy that Boston marathon day is predicting 80 degrees!!

Julia said...

seriously the most adorable family everrr!!! and i love reading your RUNdowns because they inspire me. i love your dedication to making each mile as quality as possible. i could definitely learn that lesson a little bit better. your commitment to both hills and speed every week is amazing. plus the LR. duh. i have no doubts that you can CRUSH 3:30!!!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Amazing week! And yes, the sun always helps, doesn't it?!

Ann said...

Yes! Great job with the runs and workouts this week! You ROCK!! :)

Coy Martinez said...

You have a super contagious smile! I've had a bit of a downer of a training week so reading about positive things has helped pick me back up! :)

FitGirl said...

Sounds like an awesome week of training! How you do like Yasso's? I've been considering adding them to my training workouts.

Amy N. said...

I hope your shins aren't too bad! I'm sorry they've been bothering you all week.

Sometimes using a tennis ball on your shin against the floor with you on all fours can get some spots the foam roller can't get in your shins. Hope that makes sense!

Your kiddos are so adorable! I just know our boys would be friends.

You know, because we'd make them be friends.

Ali Mc said...

that pic ture of your kiddos just melted my heart into much! I adore it :) your little man has such a smile on him, just like mom ;)

and GREAT run down! wow you are really improving on those yassos! and that pace for hills WOW girl! I am so happy for you :) and you should be smiling

Courtney said...

congrats on an awesome week!! i agree, sunshine makes it all better!

Mandy said...

Great runs!!! WOW!!
Love the pictures!