Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Year

One year ago, today, I started running. I ran 9/10 of a mile in 15 minutes and thought I was going to pass out. I almost did. It took me a good hour to recover enough to stand up and make dinner for my family. No kidding.

Today I got up at 6AM and ran 5.65 miles in about 4 inches of snow; I was dodging snowplows, slipping down the hills, wishing I had windshield wipers for my face, and enjoying my morning at a leisurely pace. I got home, cleared off Dallas' car and switched the car seats around so he could take my jeep down to school. I made a scrambled egg and toast breakfast for my babies, ate, and then hopped in the shower to start my day.

I'm not even the same person anymore, and in so many more ways than just being able to run without fainting. I'm stronger mentally, more driven and ambitious. I set goals, and I accomplish them. I enjoy quiet moments by myself and I don't need anyone else by my side encouraging me because I've learned how to be my own cheerleader. I can do hard things.

Running has made me a better person. I'm so grateful.

Thank you, Katie Nelson, for suckering me into running the Wasatch Back Ragnar one year ago.

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