Thursday, December 12, 2013

I've been streaking!

Have any of you been participating in the Runner's World Streak Challenge?  The challenge began on Thanksgiving day and runs through New Year's Day.  Runner's world has challenged everyone to run at least 1 mile every day.  This year, thanks to my friend Dani G., I have joined in the fun!

I have changed things a bit for me, though.  I don't run every day because my body would give out on me, so I have pledged to run, bike, or walk at least one mile every day.  I love it!  It has gotten me in a better habit with biking and I have remembered how good it feels.

So far, since I started the streak, I have traveled over 101 miles!  I love seeing the little black line everyday on my Garmin Connect calendar. 

Confession:  I missed one Sunday.  I went to bed after 1AM after working on a Christmas present for my in-laws and realized I didn't get my mile in.  Rather than quit, I brushed it off and continued with my goal.  Sometimes I feel like if we don't hit our training goals 100%, we decide to quit and say we'll maybe do it again "next year," or "next training cycle."  I know I do this!  The run streak has helped me realize that sometimes it's the mindset that matters.  I can still do my best!

Know what else the run streak has helped me with?  Not wimping out on the snow runs!

Happy streaking, everyone!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nooooo!!! {And how to do a hard reset on your Garmin}

I got up this morning at 5:45 to meet my running partner, Jami, for a run.  I got dressed, laced up the shoes, strapped on my Garmin, pushed power, and....  NOTHING.


If I can't track it, it's like the run never even happened!  Right?!  At least it feels that way.  Thank goodness for Strava.

So today I did a hard reset of my watch to get it back to normal.  If you are ever having trouble with your Garmin turning on, locating satellites, or you are unable to pair up devices such as foot pod or heart rate monitor- usually a hard reset will correct the problem.

To do a hard reset you:
  • Make sure the device is off.
  • Hold "Power" and "Mode" at the same time.
  • When the device powers on it will ask, "Do you really want to erase all user data?" select YES.
Keep your workouts backed up on Garmin Connect to be sure you don't lose any of your hard work!

I ran without my watch, used, Strava, and enjoyed an awesome hill and beautiful sunrise this morning.  Next time I hope to remember how to reset my watch so I can do it right away!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I have a problem.  I am very competitive.

Sometimes this is a good thing because I will push myself harder.  Sometimes it's a bad thing because I have no business being competitive when I'm really just a mom and being a runner doesn't matter.  I say this because sometimes how fast or slow I am can be tied to my self esteem.

Sad, but true.

So there's the honesty in the post for the day!

My friend Breona introduced me to an app called Strava.  Have you heard of this?  I at first had no interest because I still love my computer I strap to my arm (AKA my Garmin 305), but then she told me about segments.

A segment is a stretch of road that keeps track of other Strava users times and pits them against each other.  One person will have a course record, and then it will number the rest 2nd through 10th place.

This is bad for me!  The competition!!!

But it's oh so fun.  Last night Bre and I went out to run a specific segment.  And guess what!

 It is also fun to use to cheer your friends on because you know exactly what course they are running out there!

So check it out, find me, and let's run together!

PS- I spy my other favorite fitness app, Nike Training Club.  What's your favorite fitness app?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Get Up and Run

Ever since I started training again after I had Paige, it has been extremely difficult for me to get up in the morning. I say this, and my baby sleeps really well compared to a lot of others!

If you are tired and feel like you'd rather die than wake up for an early morning run, then you are not alone. I am recommitting myself to early morning runs! Here's how I plan to do it. 

1- Make a plan. Schedule it in! Set an alarm on my phone- multiple if I have to. 
2- Contact a running partner so I have a face to greet me in the cold, dark morning. 
3- Lay out my gear the night before. 
4- GO TO BED. I have a tendancy to stay up until midnight. From now on, the TV is off at ten and I will head to bed. 

What helps you get up in the morning?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Play it safe- and that one time when I got really freaked out on a run...

I am a road runner.

Besides worrying about my pace, I also have to worry about cars.  I've had a couple of close encounters- both of which occurred at night.  Running on the road means you have to be aware of your surroundings at all times.  Here are a couple of rules I follow:

  1. At night, always wear a reflective vest, blinking LED tail light, and a head lamp.  You need to see where you are going, and cars need to see you.
  2. If you listen to music, keep it down.  It's a good idea to leave one ear bud out, and keep the volume low enough that you can hear cars (or people, or dogs) that may be coming up on you.
  3. Run facing traffic.  This typically means the left side of the road.  If you are facing the cars, you can make eye contact with the drivers- do it!  You can also see if you may need to bail off the road at the last minute for some reason.
Besides worrying about cars, you also need to worry about people.  Not far from where I live there is a trail where several women have been attacked while out running.  I feel pretty safe in my little town, but there are still times where I have been afraid.

A couple of weeks ago I was running with my friend Audra.  We were way out in the country, and there was no moon so it was really dark. We were running up the road and a car was coming towards us.  All of a sudden it stops- in the middle of the road- turns off, and then the driver turns off their lights.  Audra and I immediately stopped and started booking it in the other direction.

The driver started the car, drove closer to us, and then did it again.  Next thing we hear is someone saying, "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you!"

I screamed back, "WELL, YOU DID!!!!!!"

I was so glad that I wasn't alone, and that I had my mace.  My biggest regret was that neither of us brought our phone!  We were so freaked out that we cut our run short and headed home.

When running I would always be sure to protect yourself by:
  1. Bringing a phone.  You never know if you may need help- from a sprained ankle to a more serious threat.
  2. Carrying mace.  Heck!  If nothing else you may need it for a dog!
  3. When possible, run with a partner.  There is always strength in numbers.
  4. Always tell someone your route and when to expect you home.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

RRR Park City

This past Saturday I got the chance to run a relay race that started and ended in my happy mountain valley:  Red Rock Relay Park City!

This was my first relay race since Wasatch Back 2012, and I was stoked to be running it.  With a nursing baby, a one day relay was just what the doctor ordered.  The specs were as follows-

70 miles
1 van
6 runners
2 legs each

Our team came together pretty randomly, so it was fun to get to know some new friends along our 12 hour journey.

Runner 1 was Leslee- She started us off at 6:10 AM at a balmy 28*. Runner 1 ran a total of 10.4 miles.

She handed off to me- runner 2!  My first leg was 3.85 miles through town.  It was slightly uphill with a total elevation gain of 227 feet.  After my frozen legs thawed, I was able to pick up the pace a bit finishing with a 7:41 average.

My second leg was a toughie.  Suffice it to say that I was humbled, my legs were trashed, and I gained a new found respect for trail runners after running 10.2 miles on a trail around Jordanelle Reservoir. Every time I started to really struggle, I would remind myself to LOOK UP.  I was so lucky to run this beautiful stretch- with three little kids I don't often get alone time, and I was so blessed to be able to do what I loved and enjoy some peace.

I finished the leg with a 9:46 average.  With 1600 feet in gain and nearly 1500 feet in elevation loss, Red Rock gave out medallions to the runners that completed this leg- it was an awesome surprise and well earned!

Runner 3 was my favorite Mindy- she is sooo little and sooo cute :)!  Mindy ran a total of 14.95 miles.

Runner 4 was a new friend!  Amy had recently had surgery, but was a total trooper and ran 8.5 miles including a killer stretch halfway up a mountain in Park City.  How in the world I didn't end up with a solo picture of her baffles me!  Sorry, Amy!

Runner 5 was another new face- Holly.  She was incredible to have on the team!  #1 Cheerleader for sure!  Holly ran a total of 8.7 miles and finished the challenging top climb to Guardsman's Pass.

Breona- the one and only Coach Carter- wrapped up our crew as she rocked it up and down mountainous climbs.

We all loved the relaxed atmosphere, the camaraderie of all the teams, and the challenging course that Red Rock Relay Park City brought for us.

RRR sold the race saying, "Have you been dreaming of a relay that will push your athleticism, pump you full of team spirit, and still allow you to get a normal night of sleep? Well, THIS IS IT, BABY! Red Rock Relay is bringing the chill running party style you know and love to Park City, Utah!"  It was 100% accurate.

This is a race that I will definitely be doing again!
Team "Desperate for a Party!"
Breona, Amy, Holly, Leslee, Mindy, Amylee

Friday, August 2, 2013

Run Through Your Pregnancy

When I first became pregnant I knew I wanted to run through my pregnancy, but I was scared!  Will it hurt the baby?  Will it hurt me?  How hard will it be?

I'm here to tell you that as long as you are smart, it will definitely not hurt the baby, and you will be better off as well!  My delivery went so well and I recovered even more quickly after my third baby than my other two; I am convinced it was because I stayed active.  Running through pregnancy is a different kind of marathon- hard and long, but worth every step.

Consult with your doctor, of course, but if you have a green light, here are some tips that will help you on your way.

  1. BE CONSISTENT.  Your body is changing and growing on a daily basis.  If you want to keep running throughout your pregnancy, then you need to be consistent with your workouts.  It needs to adapt to the extra stress more than ever.  If you miss runs, you will be able to tell exponentially more than you would normally- we're talking in areas like your abdomen, pelvic floor, and hips.  I ran three times a week, three miles each time, and it was perfect for me.
  2. TAKE IT EASY.  Right now is when you get to run for the fun of it!  Don't push the pace.  Don't push the miles.  Just enjoy yourself and be in awe of what your incredible body is doing.
  3. STRETCH.  You will feel aches in places you've never experienced before.  Take the time to stretch- especially your hips- before and after you run.  Not only does it feel good, but it's so good for your ever expanding body as well.  I never felt like I needed a support belt- stretching did the trick for me.
  4. FUEL.  It is important to get proper nutrition and calories while you are pregnant.  Now is not the time to diet!  Be sure to replace those calories with healthy foods (or Oreos if you're me).  I used the app "My Fitness Pal" on my iPod to help me track my calories to be sure I was getting enough each day.
  5. TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME.  There were many, many times that I had the thought, "I think this might be my last run."  Rather than give up, I always gave it one more shot, and you know what?  It was almost always better the next time!  I fought painful varicose veins and sciatic nerve pain this pregnancy, but each day was different.  If you just keep trying one day at a time, before you know it you'll be 40 weeks and ready for delivery!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How NOT to Train for a Half Marathon

Since I last saw you I got pregnant, ran through my pregnancy, birthed a child without pain medication, and started running again.

Getting back has been hard.  Much harder than I thought it would be.

Enter the blog.

You get to hear from me again {if you choose to}!

I now present my first post in over a year...

How NOT to Train for a Half Marathon
  1. Sign up for a big race (like a half marathon) when you are completely out of shape, but feeling extra motivated and excited about being in excellent shape.  (For example, when you are 7 months pregnant and hyped up on sugar during Christmas break).
  2. Do not pick out or write up a training plan.
  3. Try your best to always choose sleep (or sitting on the couch) when you should be completing your workouts.
  4. Only run 1-2 times a week... or just whenever you feel like it.
  5. Fuel entirely on processed white carbs, marshmallows, and the occasional fruit.
In spite of doing my worst at training, I didn't run my slowest half marathon ever.  I ran the Timp Half Marathon in 1:48:41 with an 8:15 average pace.

Here's hoping I can get back on track and set a healthier example for my kids of fit living.