Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekly RUNdown

This pretty much sums up my week.  I fought the fear clear up until my last long run on Friday evening- that's when I decided I wasn't going to be afraid anymore, and I was just going to DO IT.  Here's what the week looked like:

Monday:  ITBS Rehab routine and REAL cycling- like, outside on a mountain bike cycling.  11.18 miles in 45 minutes (14.9 mph).  This was totally harder than I thought it would be!  My bum was sore for the entire week.  I don't know how you cyclists deal with the bum soreness.

Wednesday:  ITBS Rehab routine and 6.06 miles, 8:16 pace.  Took it easy as I was dealing with IT pain after the first mile.  I was disappointed in how I felt.  I was really hoping that I would magically be healed... I wasn't.

Thursday:  ITBS Rehab routine

Friday:  3 hours, 22.18 miles, 8:06 pace.  My goal was to run for 3 hours- no matter how far that was.  I had read an article on Active that said, "There really is no physical or aerobic benefit to running beyond the three-hour point. You'll be doing more harm than good to your body."  Seeing as how I deal with the whole injury thing a lot (and am currently dealing with it again), I decided that 3 hours was what I would aim for- no matter the distance.  Last training cycle I ran 23 miles and it took me 3 hours and 27 minutes, and then my body fell apart afterwards.  I was hoping not to jinx myself by just pushing for a solid, successful 3 hours on the road- even if my total mileage was lower.

Although I don't typically do it, I decided that I would take Ibuprofen before the run.  I was advised by my physical therapist to just complete this run so I could have enough time to properly heal before the race (rather than wait to run it the next week and risk re-injuring myself anyway).  I knew it wouldn't be pain free, so mentally I just needed to get through it.

I felt so good.  SO. GOOD.  I felt like the first 15 miles were effortless.  Every time I looked at my watch I couldn't believe my pace.  I was running so consistent at between a 7:59-8:03 mile.  I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

Mile 15.5 I stopped for my last water stop and when I went to run again my IT Band totally KILLED.  I was kind of skipping/limping trying to get my stride back for about a quarter of a mile, but then I went numb again and was able to run just fine.  I felt like I had to push a little bit after about 18.5 miles to make sure to keep my pace in the low 8's (my goal was to keep all of my miles under an 8:15 pace).  I did it!  So proud.
Got some serious foam roll action this weekend.  Probably clocked a total of 2 hours on the foam roll.

I walked into my house and texted a bunch of my best friends.  Talk about a runner's high.  When I saw Dallas I started to cry.  I honestly didn't think I would be able to do it.  There was so much going on mentally that I was not prepared at all for the run; ironically, the run was exactly what I needed.

Dallas went and picked me up a chicken sandwich at Wendy's at 11:30 Friday night and let me eat it in bed.  That's true love, my friends.
Mouth full?  Why yes, I think it is.
Saturday:  Cycling, 10.5 miles in 45 minutes (14 mph).  It felt so good to get on the bike and spin out my very sore legs.

Now that it's over, I feel like I can relax.

I feel confidant that I can break into the 3:20's with this marathon.  After dealing with IT Band issues a few times in the last year, it's nice that I actually know what I'm doing and how to fix it.  I'm going to see my PT a couple more times before the race to continue working out the kinks.

In less than 2 weeks I'm going to run Red Rock Moab Relay with a bunch of friends and family with ZERO pressure.  It's the perfect reward for all of my hard work this year.

Running is so awesome.  Even when it is really, really hard.

Quick tip:  I put diaper rash cream between my toes to cut down on blister problems and it worked like a charm!
Who's racing the Ogden Marathon?  Are you so relieved to have the last loooong run over with?

What do you feel like is the biggest hurdle in marathon training?

For me, it is without a doubt, the fear of injury.  After this training cycle I have learned A LOT about injury, my own body's limits, and smart(er) running.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Keep moving forward.

"Winners must have two things:  Definite goals and a burning desire to achieve them."  -Unknown

That was the quote that was hanging on the wall while my leg was shocked, stretched, poked and prodded today at the physical therapist.

I think I need to read this about 1,000,000 times a day to remind me not to give up.  I've made it this far in my training cycle; 4 months of injuries and issues and I haven't give up yet.  Why should I now?

PT hit some new painful spots in my hamstring and behind the knee as well as unlocking my hip (AGAIN).  I was told to complete my 22 mile run this weekend as planned so that I can properly taper for the race in 3.5 weeks.


Is it really time to taper?  I feel like I haven't even been able to train yet.

The run today was... disappointing.  I experienced more pain and discomfort than I had hoped for, but I'll have one more treatment and another rest day under my belt before I tackle the last long run.  Let's hope it's not teeth-gritting.

Now for my internal debate-

Should I take Ibuprofen before the run?  Or not?  Would you?  Have you?

This was the song I was singing as I headed to the PT today.  This part of the lyrics was SO APPLICABLE :)

My body needs a hero.
Come and save me.
Something tells me you know how to save me.
I've been feeling weird.  Oh!
I need you to come and rescue me!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Words of Wisdom

After meeting with my chiropractor and my physical therapist last week, I thought I would share a few things they said that I thought were really interesting.  For me, they really rang true, but everyone is different- so take it with a grain of salt.  (Worth a grain of salt?  How does that saying actually go?)

They both asked when I felt my injury, and after telling them I ran 20 miles on a treadmill and then I could tell the next morning when I got up (I did the run right before bed), they both looked at me like- DUH!

My Chiropractor said that treadmills are dangerous because you are never setting your foot on solid ground.

I thought that was so interesting.  I've always felt like my form is really off (as opposed to just off) when I run on the treadmill, so this made complete sense to me.

PT thought I was a fool for running that far on the treadmill, and then he told me that when you are running, your feet should fall in a straight line.  For example, if you are running on the road where there is a painted line, both of your feet should be landing on that line.


And the last bit of wisdom for today- Cheeseburger Pizza is.... surprisingly good!  Don't knock it 'til you try it.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekly RUNdown

"Courage doesn't always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.'" -Pres. Thomas S. Monson

Rough week.  Not really what I was expecting, but I rolled with it.  I had a really fun run, a great run, a run that I quit, and the toughest run of my training thus far.  Mixed bag, eh?!  I'm grateful that I have been able to keep a positive attitude through the multitude of challenges I've had this training cycle, and I see no reason why that is going to change.

If anything, I've sure learned to roll with the punches this year.

Monday AM: Cycling- 13.4 miles in 45 minutes (17.9 mph)

Monday PM:  3.34 miles @ 9:48 pace/mile.  I ran with friends to encourage.  IT WAS SO FUN.  My favorite run of the week, by far!  There were 4 of us that just ran a hill by my house, and it was perfect in every way.

Tuesday:  10 miles @ 8:00 pace/mile.  This was my tempo run for the week.  It felt super tough and I was so, so, so grateful for my last cool down mile when it came.  I saw Mindy drive past right before I was done, and I'm telling you, if she would have pulled over I probably would have hopped in her car and asked her to take me home!

Wednesday: Yasso's x5- sets were 3:14, 3:11, 3:20, 3:16, 3:18.  I was supposed to do 10 sets, but by my second set I could feel my left IT Band really tightening, and by my 5th set I knew if I kept going then I was going to have real trouble on my hands.  I quit, jogged home, and rolled on my foam roller for 20 minutes.

Friday:  Cycling, 13.4 miles in 45 minutes (17.9 mph), ITBS Rehab Routine.  I also was able to get in to see my Physical Therapist.  Since I've dealt with this injury a lot, I knew that if I just got in early to get it taken care of, then I could get myself recovered and ready for Ogden with no problems.  So for an hour and a half he beat me up and left me with this souvenir:
The bruise is 9 inches long and follows my IT Band.  You think foam rolling is painful?  FOAM ROLL OVER THAT.

My PT gave me the go ahead for my planned 15 mile run on Saturday, so I did...

Saturday:  15 miles @8:15 pace/mile.  My leg ached when I wasn't running, so I knew I was probably in for it- but I was feeling positive!  I felt really great until I hit some slight downhill.  With IT, any sort of downhill really aggravates the injury.  I stopped and stretched a couple of times, and decided that instead of quitting at mile 7, that I would just slow the pace and zig zag the flat streets in front of my house.  I dropped Jami off at mile 10, and when I started running again it was so painful!!!  I decided to just go home, but then I kind of went numb again and told myself to finish.  I was glad I did, but it was hard to keep moving forward.  The only thing that got me through was a 5 mile prayer to my Father in Heaven.  Thankfully my IT Band didn't bother me much for the rest of the day- usually it's the other way around and doesn't hurt as much while running, but then it bothers me for days following.  I take this as a good sign because I was on my feet for nearly the entire day after my run (5:30 AM until I left work at 10:30 PM)- coaching soccer, walking around Salt Lake, cheering on runners, and then waiting tables at night.

Today I'm feeling really good.  I will definitely be seeing my PT again this week for another treatment, and hoping to still run 20-22 miles on Friday at my planned 8:15/mile pace.  I'm not worried about the injury because I know it will heal quickly and I will be able to run the marathon.  Experience matters sometimes!  I'm glad I've been through this before so I know I don't need to freak out.

The highlight of the weekend was watching my son score his very first soccer goal, and seeing my sister-in-law Leslee complete her first marathon!

I've also been holding out on you...  I've spent a few more dollars on running over the last month that I haven't added to my total.  Quite frankly, I'm shocked at how much I'm spending!  I have even been holding myself back (although my husband would never believe that).

2 new Nike running shirts: $47.85 (one of these is my shirt that I'm saving for Ogden!)
Nike Running shoes:  $63.95 (I ran across these Nike's at TJ Maxx for a screaming deal and am saving them for when my other shoes need to be retired- they are a $110 pair of shoes!)
Chiropractor- $40
Physical Therapist- $50
RUNNING total: $819.68

Kill. Me. Now.

What was the highlight of your weekend?
How much do you think you've spent on running this year?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shut up!!!!

I hit 100 followers!!!!!!!!  That's nice of you to read my blog :).  Thanks to all of you for cheering me on, giving me advice, and being the best readers anyone could ask for.  I may have to do something to say thanks...

I was just checking in to tell y'all why you should blog; you should blog because you meet awesome people that will do stuff like this for you:

Isn't that so pretty?

Billy Jacobs, you are my hero.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The Titanic is probably one of my favorite movies of all time.  I want to see the movie in 3D... but the nude scene just keeps me from going.  Not sure I could handle that in 3D.

Every race I hope that the distance will be short.  For example, when running a marathon, I hope and hope and hope that my Garmin will read 26.02 when I cross the finish line.

I can't get hold of the sugar problem.  I quit my New Year's Resolution to only have one treat/day.  Of course.  I blame the failure on the Cool Mint Oreos.  They stole my soul.

I got a new job!  I'm serving at a restaurant in town and the other day I waited on a producer that is filming a movie.  They have been shooting all over town over the last few weeks.  I wished he said, "Hey!  You're fun!  Come star in this movie I'm producing!"

Same lines- I still dream about standing alone on stage and belting out a high C.  I've never felt it before, but I know- KNOW- that that would be one of the most incredible feelings in the world.

I loathe strength training.  Why do I hate it so bad?  Could it be because I love my couch so much?

I updated my candy drawer.
Bless those post-holiday close outs.

I'm always scared to run my next run after my long run.  (Did that even make any sense?)  Injury has made me a pansy.

Sometimes I lay in my bed reading for over an hour after my kids wake up.  They'll be watching cartoons, filling pots up with water to play with bath toys, and eating their weight in clementines all while I'm wishing I could hit the snooze button on my children.  Mother of the year?  Definitely.

This isn't so much a confession as it is a realization- I finally figured out why it has been so hard to fit blogging in!  We unfortunately said "Goodbye!" to nap time months ago, and that is when I used to blog.  Nap time, oh how I miss you...

Your turn.  Spill it.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly RUNdown

Last week I took a day off.  I was feeling kind of beat down after a tough week the week before, and I'm so glad I did!  My IT Band on my left side was a bit tight after my 20 miler, and again after my tempo run, but not painful... yet.  I saw my chiropractor today to make sure everything was in line- which it wasn't- but I'm sure feeling fluid now!  I'm excited for a week of hard (and fun!) training.

Monday:  Cycling- 12.4 miles in 45 minutes (16.5 mph)
Wednesday:  20 miles @ 8:45 pace on the treadmill.  It was ugly.
Friday:  30 minutes on the elliptical.
Saturday:  6 mile tempo run.  1.5 miles at 8:34 pace, 4 miles at 7:11 pace, and .5 mile at 8:34 pace.  Unbelievably, I did this on the treadmill.  What was the deal with last week?!  I will admit that the treadmill was pretty nice for a tempo run because it was easy to keep the pace... obviously.

Like most of you, my thoughts have been filled with Boston today.

  • At the chiropractor I was waiting for text updates on Rachelle.
  • I was at the grocery store and I was thinking about what I would be eating if I had run the marathon this morning.
  • I painted a bed for Annie and I was thinking about what it would be like to hang a Boston medal on my mirror.

I was so close to being there.  I thought that today I would feel sad because I was missing out, but instead, I have felt so happy.

I feel the fire again.

I know I have the ability to qualify for the Boston Marathon again, and I know that one day I will run in the sea of Boston Marathoners with the biggest smile on my face.

It's good to have something to continue to work for.

What is your ultimate running goal?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tready Twenty

Remember how I hate treadmills?


On Wednesday I ran 20 miles on a treadmill.  There was no other way.  Hail, strong winds, rain, lightning, and lack of time forced me to face my nemesis.  Before that day, the most I had run on a treadmill was 7 miles, and that was over a year ago.

I felt really good.... for 8 miles.  Maybe less?  Shoot.  It really doesn't matter how I felt- 20 miles- DONE.  I made that treadmill my B.

I wore my Garmin to make sure I could accurately track time- which is good because the treadmill shut off after 99:59...  luckily it didn't restart the mileage.  I kept my watch going no matter what-
...through 3 bathroom breaks.
...removing shoes to apply Boudelair's Butt Paste in between my toes.
...water and GU stops.
Even with all of those breaks, I ran the 20 miles in 2:55:09- an 8:45 pace.  I kept the TM between a 7.1 and a 9.0 for the duration of the run.  My last 3 miles were my fastest.

I'm not going to lie.  This was SO HARD.  I don't ever want to run on a treadmill again.  BUT, I feel so much stronger mentally.  This felt harder mentally than my marathon was- after all, this was just a training run.  No medal.  No finish line.  No tear-filled hugs from the family.

Everyone comes across those really tough runs at some point in their training cycle.  The important part is that you push through them and check them off the list.  I feel like it's these runs that provide the most growth.  The only thing that got me through this was determination.

And to quote Dolvett- Hard work.  Dedication.  Dedication.  Hard work.

I still have one more 20 mile run before my marathon in 5 weeks, but I feel ready because NOTHING could be worse than 20 miles on a treadmill.  Nothing.

I could smile because it was over!
Katie and Breona got me through the toughest miles (14-20) and witnessed me at my weakest running moments.  I would most assuredly be dead on that treadmill if they didn't show up.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly RUNdown

What a great week!  I was all by myself this week and was in the mood to run really hard.  It was great, and although I probably pushed myself a little harder than I should have (especially on my hill run), I don't regret it.  I may take it a little easier this week to make sure I can recover properly.

Monday:  Yasso's, 8 sets: 3:15, 3:12, 3:14, 3:13, 3:15, 3:16, 3:14, 3:16.  My goal was 3:17.  I was really happy that I was able to run so consistently, especially towards the end.  I was running out of time and had to cut my recovery time in half, so just being able to hit my goal was exciting. 7.09 total miles.

Tuesday:  Cycling- 11.2 miles in 45 minutes (14.9 mph).

Wednesday:  10 miles, hills 742 foot gain, 8:00/mile pace.  This run was hard, but it made me really, really happy.

Friday:  Cycling- 11 miles in 45 minutes (14.7 mph).

Saturday:  15 miles, 8:08/mile pace.  I ran in the afternoon in the glorious sunshine and it was A-MAZING.  I came home covered in salt streaks, sunburned, and with a smile on my face.  I ran alone and it was nice to be able to run at my own comfortable pace (and to see what my comfortable pace for a long run by myself is!)  This gave me the confidence that I needed- maybe a 3:30 marathon isn't as much of a pipe dream as I thought.
This was such a fun week of training for me.  It feels so great to push yourself hard and see what you are capable of sometimes.  If only every week could be like this!

As a result of some hard runs, my left shin is feeling really tender.  It didn't bother me at all while running, but it's pretty tender to the touch.  I have figured out how to foam roll my shins in a super awkward position, so I'm doing that a couple of times a day, icing, and wearing my compression socks.  I'm pretty positive that it's going to be just fine.

My positive attitude may have been influenced by lots and lots of Easter candy, triple date with the husband and some friends, and the cutest kids around.  And the sun.  The sun helps the attitude A LOT.

What little thing helps lift your spirits?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Run My Guts Out

I just walked in the door from one of the hardest runs I have had in a long time.  I feel like I fought through everything that I could have on a run.

Side ache.
Chunky burps.
And...  that which must not be named.

But you know what?  I didn't quit.  I pushed and pushed and pushed.  No matter how I was feeling, I knew I had the ability to keep going- no matter what was pressing my buttons at the moment. 

I was reading- on a blog that has nothing to do with running- about potential.  She said that if you don't give 100%, then how do you know what your potential is?  We can always reach higher than we think we can, go further than we think we can, and run faster than we think we can.

We just have to keep trying.

I'm at the point that I don't know where this blog is going any more.  I love it, but there are so many other things that are pulling my attention, and this is the thing that falls by the way side.  So even if I'm not posting regularly, then you must know that sometime, somewhere, at some random hour of the day, I'm out there- running my guts out.

I hope you are too.

10 miles.
742 foot gain.
7:59 pace.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekly RUNdown

FINALLY feeling 100%.  I'm so, so, SO happy to start out April feeling strong and ready for some really hard training to prepare for the Ogden Marathon.  With only about 6 weeks until race day, I can say for the first time this year that I am looking forward to running another marathon.  Phew!  Glad that feeling is back.

Monday:  Cycling- 13.5 miles in 45 minutes (18 mph)

Tuesday AM:  6.5 miles hills, 8:14 pace, 330 feet in gain.  FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS I BEAT JAMI UP THE BIG HILL!!!  It was only by about a step, and I probably beat her because she felt bad for me, but I will take it.  I'm so glad I can finally keep up with her.  Gotta get my hill strength back.  We ran up the hills at a faster pace than we ran the flats and downs- I don't know what had gotten into us that morning.

Tuesday PM:  ITBS/Shin Rehab Routine

Wednesday: Cycling- 12.4 miles, 45 minutes (16.5 mph)

Thursday:  7.4 miles, 7:50 pace.  I was sore from Tuesday's workout and I got up before I ran and foam rolled for a good 30 minutes.  It was much needed.  I haven't felt so sore in a long, long time.  I ran Ali's Spatula Virtual Race as part of this run, and I was stoked to find out on Sunday that I won a box of GU!

Friday:  20.3 miles, 8:51 pace.  We started running at about 10 PM and finished just before 1 AM.  Mindy ran the first 10 miles with Kristen and me. 

We decided to run to the top of Memorial Hill in Midway.  It was clear, gorgeous, and perfect running weather!  Memorial Hill is a memorial for the veterans from the valley that have served in many of the past (and present) wars.  My brother-in-law Jake served in Afghanistan in the War Against Terror.  We are proud of him and his sacrifice for our Country.

 We felt a little crazed at this point.... which is funny because this was taken BEFORE we started getting freaked out by all of the weird teenaged boys that started popping up out of nowhere.
I felt really good during the run.  It was nice to take it at a slower pace and to have someone to push- and to help push me- for the duration of the run.  Kristen- aka ROCKSTAR- ran 22 miles that night after she finished a 15 hour shift as a nurse during the day.  Seriously.

The best part about the run on Friday night was sleeping in on Saturday and stepping out of my bed to zero foot pain!!!!!!  Yeah!!!!!

Have you ever completed a long run at night?  Did you like it?  How did you feel compared to running in the morning?
My body felt really good running at night.  I fight stomach problems in the AM, so it was nice to not be plagued with that.  However, running at night meant I was already tired from an entire day of being a mom and a wife.  I'm sure I will end up doing it again this training cycle.