My Races

2012 Races
Chinese Dragon Run- 4710 meters- 21:39.9, 7:24/mile pace, 1st woman overall
Red Rock Relay- Moab
Ogden Marathon
Wasatch Back Marathon
Toughest 10K

Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back
Swiss Days 10K

2011 Races
Christmas Eve Virtual 5K- 20:25, 6:35/mile pace, 2nd overall
Turkey Trot- 20:33 with a 6:59/mile pace, 5th woman overall
Halloween Half Marathon - 1:37:59 with a 7:26/mile average.  15th in my division, 206/4800 overall.
Ragnar Relay Las Vegas- Runner #11, Leg 1- 3.6 miles at 8:02 pace, Leg 2- 3.9 miles at 7:09 pace, Leg 3- 4.2 miles at 7:43 pace.  Team finished in 27:25:01- 12th in our division and 29th overall.
Top of Utah Marathon- 3:39:07, 8:15/mile average, 10th place in my division
Wasatch Back Marathon- Relay-1st place Women's Relay Team! 3:52 finish tme
Star Valley Ranch 5K 22:55, 7:30/mile average- 2nd in my division
Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back- Runner #10, Leg 1- 3.9 miles at 7:22/mile ave, Leg 2- 7.6 miles at 8:39/mile ave, Leg 3- "Ragnar" 4 miles in 48:16, placing 13th in women's division.
Dirty Dash 5K Successful at getting very, very dirty!
Wasatch Dance Center Tutu 5K- 23:25, 7:22/mile ave, 1st place outright
Salt Lake Half Marathon- 1:41:45, 7:46/mile ave, 16/501 in my division, 88/2715 women, and 383/4444 overall
Super Dale 10K- 50:03.88, 7:53/mile average, 1st in women overall!
Ragnar Relay Del Sol- Runner #3, 26.04 miles, all legs under 7:59/mile (including running a 4th leg!)

2010 Races
Turkey Trot 5K- 21:47, 2nd Overall in Women
PINK Series Half Marathon- 1:50, 7th in my division
Swiss Days 10K- 47:50.5, 2nd place in my division
Utah's Toughest 10K- 58:32.2, 2nd place in my division
Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back- Runner #1, 21.2 miles, all legs under 8:55/mile

Some of these races have been completed, and some I am looking forward to.  If you know of a great race, spread the word!

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