Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Leaving for Las Vegas

***Update to the family blog- {There once was a little girl...}

Am I really going out of town today?

As I write this I have 4 children bouncing balls all around me playing keep away, one is begging me to stick her in a princess dress and another is asking where another ball is.

In less than 48 hours I'll be flying solo.  YAAAAAAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

No making sandwiches or wiping noses (or bums for that matter).  No whining!  (Well, hopefully...)

I'm a little bit excited.  I am packed- playlist and everything.

One pair of shoes, powerade, wheat thins, shot blocks, kit kats, Garmin, glide, vest, head lamp, tail light, first aid kit, 3 outfits, jacket, pants, sleeping bag and a pillow.
I'm in an alternative sort of mood lately and will be rocking out to this:

FM Static- Definitely Maybe
All American Rejects- Gives You Hell
Matt Nathanson- Faster
The Ready Set- Airplanes
Chris Merritt- Show Me What You're Made Of

My personal favorite lyrics comes from the song "Show Me What You're Made Of" and it goes a little something like this:

"You think you're such a bad a**, well alright, so come on!  Show me what you're made of....  Come on and lay a finger on me!"

Let's see if that Ragnar has anything on me.  Viva Las Vegas, Baby!

See you all on Monday.


Julia said...

YEAHHHHH!!! VEGASSSS! cant wait! ahhhh....minus the fact that the picture of your packing amazingness just made me anxious for mine tonight ;)

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Good luck! Sounds like it'll be amazing!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Yeah! Love this post. I am so excited. Woo hoo!

I hope my dog Izzy is packing for me while I'm at work. :)

Suz and Allan said...

Woohoo! Vegas is on my wish list for races. Have a great time!