Thursday, December 12, 2013

I've been streaking!

Have any of you been participating in the Runner's World Streak Challenge?  The challenge began on Thanksgiving day and runs through New Year's Day.  Runner's world has challenged everyone to run at least 1 mile every day.  This year, thanks to my friend Dani G., I have joined in the fun!

I have changed things a bit for me, though.  I don't run every day because my body would give out on me, so I have pledged to run, bike, or walk at least one mile every day.  I love it!  It has gotten me in a better habit with biking and I have remembered how good it feels.

So far, since I started the streak, I have traveled over 101 miles!  I love seeing the little black line everyday on my Garmin Connect calendar. 

Confession:  I missed one Sunday.  I went to bed after 1AM after working on a Christmas present for my in-laws and realized I didn't get my mile in.  Rather than quit, I brushed it off and continued with my goal.  Sometimes I feel like if we don't hit our training goals 100%, we decide to quit and say we'll maybe do it again "next year," or "next training cycle."  I know I do this!  The run streak has helped me realize that sometimes it's the mindset that matters.  I can still do my best!

Know what else the run streak has helped me with?  Not wimping out on the snow runs!

Happy streaking, everyone!

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