Friday, July 8, 2011

Amazing Blogger Award

Thanks to the ever inspiring Rachelle Wardle from Running For Trevor, for the shout out! It's pretty amazing how you get on the blog and spill your beans and some people- whom you have never even met- are out there listening. Pretty cool, I say. Thanks Rachelle!

Drum roll please...

Favorite Cartoon Character
How could it be anything other than Homer Simpson? This Simpson's pretty much sums up my childhood. Anyone out there ever seen the "Angry Dad" episode? Because that is my father in cartoon format. For real.

Favorite Thing to Photograph

The children. They are just too cute not to snap a photo of! I have over 70,000 pictures on my computer to prove it.

Favorite Thing to Cook
So easy. So yummy. I'm always in the mood for it. Homemade pizza rocks my world.

Favorite Way to Exercise

Is there really another form of exercise? There isn't for me. I love it so much that I'll even do a race in -5 on Thanksgiving.

Favorite Movie
This is my favorite, favorite, favorite. Humorous and touching. Insightful. Lovely. Prior to my running days, and mommy days, I did a lot of theater. I love it so much. It speaks to my soul in a different way than running does. This movie shows a little bit of how I felt as a "Theater Person"- a little bit misunderstood at times, but we were capable of creating magic. And we did, often- thanks to our own personal "Jim Barrie" in our director Andra Thorne. Neverland exists to me.

Favorite Article of Clothing
I love me some Silver Jeans. It's no secret that I'm pretty tall and really skinny. This combination makes finding jeans difficult sometimes, but I can always find a pair of Silvers. I can be seen in jeans and a t-shirt about 90% of the time. (With the other 9% being running clothes and 1% being a dress at church).

Favorite Flower
White tulips have been my favorite since I was birthed. Or maybe even earlier.

Favorite Breakfast
First off I have to say that there have been a handful of electronic devices/inventions that have changed my life. They are, in no particular order: My Garmin, the internet, my iPod, my Kindle, and THE MAGIC BULLET.
Lately for breakfast I am loving my banana/strawberry/blueberry smoothie with a side of two pieces of whole grain toast topped with butter and homemade strawberry jam. I wish I could eat it for every meal! So yummy. Plus there's 4 servings of fruits in that smoothie!

Favorite Book
As previously mentioned, I own a Kindle. Love it! I love to read, although I am very slow at it- just ask the ladies in my book club (I often come to book club with the book only 3/4 read... my bad). I love These Is My Words by Nancy E. Turner. A few other books I love are The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. (Coincidentally, I DISLIKE the movies that were filmed based on the books). My favorite running book so far is, of course, Born to Run.

Favorite Place to Be
There's no place like home. This is not a current photo. I am, however, too lazy to walk outside and take a picture right now. Imagine it with green grass, green tree, and a pink, white, and blue hanging basket on the porch.

Favorite Place to Visit
Island Park, Idaho. It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth! My family had a cabin there so I spent lots and lots of summers walking around the forest, wading in the streams, moseying around West Yellowstone, and checking out the geysers at Yellowstone National Park. I. LOVE. IT. Coincidentally, we are going there in only 2 weeks and I can't wait! This picture was taken at Big Springs, and I was very, VERY pregnant with my Annie. In fact, she was born only a few days after this picture was taken. So, please ignore the pregnancy "fat face".

I tag the following people:
Kalie from The Mrs. Writes
Vanessa from Gourmet Runner
and last but not least....
Coy from First in Philly

Love you bloggers!


kalie said...

I'm tagged! I love it and I am honored. I'm working on the post as we speak.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Thanks so much for the tag! I loved reading this and find out more about you!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Loved reading this so much! I am so glad you did it. Your house is so cute. Love it! And your kids...adorable!

Love you, love your blog, and now I need to meet you in person!