Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Step at a Time

And the night runs return! My vest and I have had a long break, but it was nice to see its return. Dallas has to leave by about 6:20 every morning, so I don't have time to complete most of my runs unless I wake up sometime in the 4's. I'm sure that might happen sometimes, but seeing as how he has homework and I just sit by myself at night after I put the kids to bed, I would rather sleep in in the morning and run my butt off at night.

We got a new camera! It's a Canon Rebel T3 and it is by far superior to my little point and shoot that I was using before. I love it! It takes great action shots :)

My tempo run Monday night was so sweeeeeeet. I had a goal to stay at 7:45/mile. At first I had a hard time keeping it there, but after about 2 miles I had a hard time holding myself back. I ended up running at a 7:33 pace and I felt so so so good! So much better than any of my runs last week! It made me excited for the 10K I'm running next week- I'm so going to PR :).

Last night Darcy and I ran our second set of ten Yasso's. This time I was smart and brought a bottle of powerade and made sure I was drinking consistently. It made a world of difference!!!!! My paces were:

3:18, 3:26, 3:24, 3:23, 3:29, 3:22, 3:28, 3:24, 3:30, 3:03

I tried to not kill myself off so that I had enough juice at the end to finish strong. On my last set I ran as hard as I could and was pleased with my last 800! I was hoping my pace would be in the 5's, but I can't really complain about a 6:06 after 9 previous Yasso's :).

I keep thinking about the marathon and wish that it would just get here already. However, I know I have to take things one step at a time. I'm learning a lot training for it, and everything will make me a better racer when the race finally shows up on September 17th. This is my peak week- I'm running 22 miles on Saturday and I'm honestly excited for it. This is really happening. I'm really, truly, running a marathon in less than a month!

Do you prefer running at night, or in the morning?
I think I prefer running at night best. Although I love the crisp mornings and watching the sun rise, I seem to feel better at night. My stomach holds out on me most of the time, and it doesn't take me so long to warm up.

Does it bother you to run with a reflective vest?
No way! This amphipod vest is my best friend. (This is not sponsored or anything, it is just what I've been using for over a year). It is super comfy and I hardly notice it when I'm running.


Rachelle Wardle said...

YOU FREAKING ROCK!!! Seriously girl two AMAZING runs in one week? And that last Yasso just made me throw up in my mouth a bit because I know how hard but awesome that must have felt!!! I can't believe your marathon is so soon!! I need your phone number so I can txt you (I will be gone running Napa Ragnar) but will be sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear from you!

And yes I run at 4:30 am a lot and definitely rock the reflective vest. :) Okay I am rambling now but this post just made me so so happy!!!

Lisa said...

Good job on the Yasso's! I like to knock out my runs in the morning. But now I have to start running at night due to scheduling issues. I've thought about buying one of those vests but I feel silly wearing one. lol

MotherRunner said...

You are so super speedy - you are going to rock that marathon. I used to be a nighttime runner, but since I had my twins, I tend to run in the mornings because I'm too exhausted by the time the sun sets! :)

kalie said...

Amazing. You are simply amazing.

Julia said...

holy moly. you KILLED those yassos you speedy girl. and that last one is simply amazing!!!!! good luck on the 22. i am sure you will rock it!