Saturday, August 20, 2011


Family update! Click [HERE] and [HERE] to see what's up with the Nicoll's!

This week has felt so weird because the last 2 days I've been living in my house without my kids.
What does this mean?
  • I sleep in.
  • I go to bed late.
  • I don't make food all day long.
  • I've spent zero time listening to whining (unless it's my own during a fast 5 mile hilly run).
  • I eat treats without hiding in the pantry to do so.
  • Did I already mention that I sleep in?
My husband and I are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary on Sunday and we thought it fitting to send the kids away so we can enjoy being together before he starts school on Monday. It has been glorious!
However, I really miss the munchkins. How could I not? Look at these faces!!

This training week has been really weird. It's a step back week, which means my long run was only 12 miles. For some reason, it has all felt hard. My training is peaking and my body is really feeling it! I feel like I could sleep for an entire day just so my body can rest and heal itself. I've felt really sluggish, slow, and out of breath. Yasso's were hard, the 12 miles was hard, and my run this morning felt hard. I'm hoping that by the time I taper and then run the marathon that I will feel strong and fresh for the race.

Although today's run was hard, it was awesome- I ran the Valley Hills route by myself and beat any of my previous times. It was 5.3 miles up and down some wicked hills, and I did it with a 7:48/mile pace. I remember running it in February of this year, right before I left for the Del Sol Ragnar, and I thought I was at my peak completing the course with an 8:15/mile pace. It just goes to show that you never really know what you are capable of if you keep working hard and pushing yourself.

I also ran the route in brand new shoes! I ran the heels off my Asics- literally- and bought a new pair of Mizuno Wave Nexus 5's. They were awesome! I think I can run faster and jump higher in these bad boys :).

I had 2 of my favorite friends, Holly and Mindy, run the Hobble Creek Half Marathon today, and both girls set a new PR!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO LADIES! I ABSOLUTELY KNEW YOU WOULD KILL IT!

I'm going to enjoy the rest of today and tomorrow taking it easy with the husband before we get back to real life on Monday. Hope y'all enjoy the weekend.

Do you feel slow and like every run is hard when your training starts to peak before a race?
Yes. Especially right now!!!!
Is it possible to sleep all day?
I'm not sure if it's entirely possible, but I would really like to find out.
Do you like getting new shoes?
Yes and no. A new pair of shoes is always exciting, but I hate paying for them! I also worry that I'm not going to like them and then I'll be stuck in a pair of shoes that bug me for the next 3-5 months.


Julia said... and your husband are too glad you are getting some time together! although...those kiddos are ADORABLE!

totally know what you mean about the training. i am definitely at that point this week and it is frustrating. but feeling the same as you...just hoping my body will feel strong again come race time. you totally rocked that route though!!! amazing!

annnnd. seriously. getting new running shoes is like CHRISTMAS!!!

Rachelle Wardle said...

The way you are feeling is totally normal, promise! I go through this cycle usually every 2 weeks. 2 weeks of awesome training and then 1 week of awful training. Don't worry about it too much and know that it is normal!

Happy Anniversary and your 5 mile run sounds awesome! It is so freaking exciting to see improvements in our own running. Love that! Enjoy the rest of your time away without the adorable munchkins. :)

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I definitely feel like runs are hard as I get closer to a race. I think part of it is mental, at least for me.
LOVE getting new shoes, it's so exciting for me!