Friday, October 15, 2010

That Girl's An Assassin, too...

I run my half tomorrow.

I would be totally lying if I didn't say I had butterflies in my stomach as I sit in my basement typing this post.

I've worked really hard to get to this point; many long runs, sprint work outs, eating better, mental preparation, memorization of the course... I couldn't be any more prepared to run this half than I am right now.

I've set pretty high goals for myself. I want to finish the race with an average of 8:25/mile. That would mean running the 13.1 in just under 1 hour and 50 minutes- the Boston Qualifying time. I barely hit my goal by the skin of my teeth last time (8:28.mile), and I honestly would love to finish in about 1 hr 47 min tomorrow, but I'm trying to be reasonable. And not too hard on myself.

I just finished putting the songs on my iPod that I will be running through- Black Eyed Peas, Miley Cyrus, All American Rejects, Glee, John Mayer, and with hopes of finishing the race with "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train. As I was listening to them the words from Empire State of Mind sung by the Glee Cast really hit me- "In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh, there's nothing you can't do now you're in New York. These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you. Let's hear it for New York."

I may not be in New York, but maybe that pavement is where my dreams are made right now. I'm doing it. I'm out there running hard and doing good.

And I'm gonna kill this race.

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