Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Because my brain is still on burn out from my race on Saturday, I felt like another round of confessions was in order...

I made those same butterscotch brownies on Sunday night that I had made the week before and, you guessed it, I ate the entire pan all by myself.  AGAIN.

Well, that's a lie- I shared one tiny piece with Dallas.

Like many of you, I wish I never had to shower or get ready ever again.

When my kids are taking naps I almost never do anything productive.  Most of the time I sit on my couch and blog or watch TV shows on Hulu.

I used to watch "A Baby Story" on TLC every single day.

I think my kids are cuter than yours.

I work as a preschool teacher, but I would much prefer working with teenagers.

Speaking of teenagers- I'm doing Shakespeare workshops right now at my old high school.  Some of the students thought I was only 21.  I thought- 'how nice!'  But then I realized they probably noticed my pubescent acne and couldn't possibly have thought that I had actually graduated 10 years ago.

Sometimes I hate eating healthy.  Just give me some mac and cheese and get out of my way!!!

I do my best to nap every. single. day.

It's your turn!!!!  Spill your guts.  I promise you'll feel better.


Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I also never do anything productive when my kids are otherwise occupied.

I also get mistaken for someone much younger due to pubescent acne.

I love working with teenagers.

And I also think my kids are cuter (but I really think every Mom should feel that way).

I over eat sweets by myself.

And I hate showering.

I guess I didn't come up with any new ones, but I agree with all yours!

Julia said...

love this!

my confession is that I ate MY FAIR SHARE of the wedding foods this past weekend. and did it without second thought. free food!?! yes please.

matt&cec said...

Totally with you on the healthy eating. Sometimes I just think it's so much better to eat exactly what I'm craving, healthy or not.

I still have tons of acne too. So sick of it!

I totally nap everyday since we've moved the the Caribbean. I blame the heat. :)

-Cecily @

jclay said...

HAHAH!!! Favorite: "I think my kids are cuter than yours." Hilarious! And I don't have any kids to defend yet... :)

I LOVE mac and cheese!!! The cheesiest from Kraft. Mmmm... I used to only get this on my birthday, because I was allowed to choose the meal and that's what I picked... everyone else in my family hates it.

I want a nap.

I can't remember what I fessed up to before... did I already say that I read blogs and respond in class while I should be subbing sometimes and the kids start acting like monkeys and I ignore them? Bad.

How about... that I have to keep the peanut butter on the top shelf of our pantry so I can't reach it and therefore don't binge on it and get heartburn... but I just get a chair and get it down when no one is around anyway... and end up laying awake at night with heartburn anyway... Bad.

You're right I do feel better! ;)
-Jessica rerunrunning

Ann said...

I'm a new follower - a friend of Ash from Ash and Diz! Happy to meet you and looking forward to following you!! :)

sNick said...

I might be alone on this one, but I actually think that blogging is (or, at least, can be) productive. I sometimes block time out of my day to blog, or I stop everything I'm doing if an idea comes to me.

I think your blog makes the people who read it better, and to that end, I believe it's productive.

As far as confessions... I HATE brushing my teeth. I like the way it feels to have clean teeth, but I hate taking the two minutes it takes to do it. I have almost the exact same conversation with myself EVERY SINGLE NIGHT -
me1: I don't want to brush my teeth.
me2: Nicki, you're an adult, and adults brush their teeth.
me1: But I really don't want to!
me2: Well, if you get any cavities, it's coming out of your pocket, not mommy and daddy's. And remember, you don't have dental insurance. me1:FINE. I'll do it.

It sometimes keeps me up for an hour or more after I planned to go to bed because I'm just procrastinating and talking myself into it.

Rachelle Wardle said...

I am loving these confession posts! You totally deserved that entire pan of brownies + whatever others treats you want!! You better pamper and treat yourself all week.

Confession: I have slept in everyday this week and I really really do hate tapering as much as I am trying to convince myself to like it.

Amber said...

I secretly worry that being overweight is keeping me from being able to run. Ironic, since running was supposed to help me lose weight.

If I don't nap, you don't want to be around me. Ask Ben.

I am so jealous of the friends you still have from high school. I wish I had a "best friend."

I eat double fudge brownie ice cream out of the container.

I want to send my kids somewhere else today, big time.

kalie said...

Hee hee! I was totally flattered that they thought we were so young. But I actually know that I look old ... because teenagers look like babies to me and moms look like my age.