Monday, September 5, 2011


I'm disabling comments on this because for now I just need to get my feelings out there. I'm going to be super whiney and complainy, so be prepared. If you are in the mood to read a blog about a mom of 2 named Amy that happens to be kicking the trash out of her marathon training and will most likely qualify for Boston, then go [HERE]. She rocks! And she'll inspire you.

For me, well, I'll do my best not to drag you down with my very pessimistic attitude at the moment.

The marathon has been in my sights all year. As I've been training for other races, my main focus has really been on the marathon. During Ragnar Del Sol, I all but gave one of our van members the 3rd degree as I questioned her about training/racing/Boston/hydrating/fueling- all for a marathon. It was easy to see where my mind really was, even though I was in full swing Ragnar.

That was 7 months ago and the thoughts, training, and energy towards running a marathon has only intensified since then.

So, now here I am- I'm limping around my house feeling sorry for myself that I worked my butt off only to be sidelined at the last minute. I ran with Darcy today after not having run since basically last Wednesday. In the interim I have been icing, foam rolling, I got a massage, and I have been using my friend Mindy's E-Stim machine hoping for a miracle with my IT Band.
So far, there hasn't been a miracle. Part of the 10 miles today was relatively pain free, and even up until I stopped I wouldn't say I was in a ton of pain, but then I had to walk almost a mile home, and that is when the pain started.

This isn't just a little injury that needed a few days rest.

I'm hoping and praying that when I go to see my PT tomorrow that he will be able to work the miracle I'm hoping for because, let's face it, this marathon is in 12 days and IT IS A BIG DEAL.

For now, I'm angry. All of this work and effort to possibly see the race I've been spending a year preparing for go by without me. The thought makes me literally sick.

And what if I am able to run it? THE FIRST 18 MILES ARE DOWNHILL. Basically, if I run this, I'm going to trash my IT Band for the rest of the year. I don't have extra money to throw at my PT every couple of months to help me get the problem under control.

Ugh. Super frustrated. I'm sure tomorrow I'll feel better and allow myself to look at the positive, but for today.... I'm just going to do my best to keep the swear words under control.

Running is a jerk.