Friday, May 11, 2012

There is HOPE

This past week has been so hard.  Last Sunday some friends of ours were in a terrible car accident.  Four people died, and it has left our entire community reeling with grief.  In the midst of a tragic loss, we have been able to see an outpouring of love for this family.  From meals, flowers, and small acts of service, to a giant fundraiser that will be taking place on May 26th, everyone is pulling together to do all we can to help lessen the burden that has been placed on this family.  It makes me grateful to live where I do.

My thoughts have continued to turn to our Savior this week.  Although we don't understand why tragic things like this have to happen, through Him we can be lifted, strengthened, and filled with love.  He understands our pain.  He has been there.  I know that in the midst of our darkest grief, there is light in Him.

Just this last month we celebrated Easter.  To have this tragic accident follow so closely after this holiday has been a tender mercy.  What Jesus Christ did for us- suffering for our sins and bearing our burdens and afflictions, His crucifixion, and ultimately His resurrection- is fresh on our minds.  Sometimes when we are in the midst of all this fear and turmoil, we need to remember our Faith.  This life is only a short time.  Our friend's daughter that passed away in the accident may have only been on this Earth for 21 short months, but her life is much bigger than that.  I believe her parents will be able to hold her again.  I believe that they will be able to raise their daughter and experience all of the joys that this Earth life has to offer, plus many many others.

There is a plan for us.  I know this.  With every fiber of my being.

If you would like to read more about the accident, click here.

If you would like to open your heart to help this family, then you may call and make a donation at Utah Community Credit Union under Brady and Angie Draper's name at 435-654-2464.  There is also a fund set up for their niece Kassidy Johnson- the sole survivor in their family's car- at the same number.  Kassidy has suffered many serious injuries and is being treated at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake.  She has a very long road ahead for recovery, but they are optimistic, and Kassidy is a fighter like you've never seen.

There is a 5K/raffle/silent auction/yard sale/bake sale/breakfast fundraiser called Running for the Drapers and Johnson's 5K that will be taking place on Saturday, May 26th, at the Wasatch County Rec. Center.  Entry for the 5K is $20 and can be paid the same day.  They will begin registering runners at 7AM and the race begins at 9AM.  Your race entry will also include breakfast.

Our prayers and thoughts continue to be with the Draper, Johnson, and Finlayson families who were all so tragically affected in this accident.  I pray their lives are filled with peace and love.


Rachelle Wardle said...

Chills circulating up and down my body as I read this post. My employees were overwhelmingly busy Sunday with calls about this tragic accident. So so sad and hard to cope and understand. I am so proud of your community and you for being a shoulder to lean on during this time. We do not always understand why these things happen but we must have faith. I am such a strong believer in faith and I know that this happened for a reason. That little girl is very special and needed to be saved. Maybe she is up in heaven with my little brother running freee, smiling and laughing. The people that we lose "too early" are the most special and god truly has a greater plan for them.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and both of these families and I really hope to be able to participate in the 5k.

Suz and Allan said...

How heartbreaking! Thoughts and prayers for all these families. I wish I were closer and could participate in the 5K. I hope God brings them peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Breona said...

You're a great writer and said it best. There is always Light through Him! Love the gospel and this community as well!

Ali Mc said...

Oh Amylee, I am so sorry. My heart goes out to the family and all involved in the community. I am sad but hopeful that much will be done due to this tragedy. These moments in life are so hard to accept and explain, but you're right - we must believe they happen with reason and that all is well for those poor people now.

Bless you xox

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

What a tragic story! That is unbelievable. Bless you for your incredible faith!