Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How NOT to Train for a Half Marathon

Since I last saw you I got pregnant, ran through my pregnancy, birthed a child without pain medication, and started running again.

Getting back has been hard.  Much harder than I thought it would be.

Enter the blog.

You get to hear from me again {if you choose to}!

I now present my first post in over a year...

How NOT to Train for a Half Marathon
  1. Sign up for a big race (like a half marathon) when you are completely out of shape, but feeling extra motivated and excited about being in excellent shape.  (For example, when you are 7 months pregnant and hyped up on sugar during Christmas break).
  2. Do not pick out or write up a training plan.
  3. Try your best to always choose sleep (or sitting on the couch) when you should be completing your workouts.
  4. Only run 1-2 times a week... or just whenever you feel like it.
  5. Fuel entirely on processed white carbs, marshmallows, and the occasional fruit.
In spite of doing my worst at training, I didn't run my slowest half marathon ever.  I ran the Timp Half Marathon in 1:48:41 with an 8:15 average pace.

Here's hoping I can get back on track and set a healthier example for my kids of fit living.


DGri said...

Do not stop writing again, please! Way to be amazing. X

Mindy Kohler said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad you are back blogging, I always need something to read while I'm at work ;)

Love you!

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Considering my last half was only a minute faster and I have no excuse I thought you ran an incredibly speedy race!!

Coy Martinez said...

YAY!! You're back! I totally had to do a double take when I saw your blog pop back up! I'm happy you're back at it! :) I follow you on Instagram but I have a funny name "ysolomia" so if I like your pictures it's me and not a random stranger. Wait, I am kinda a stranger hahaha!

Cory Reese said...


Would you like to hear something absolutely hilarious? When I trained really hard, ate good, and never had a half marathon PR is still slower than your time. So basically in my eyes you're really fast.

Well done my friend.

Les said...

I did the same thing! Running TOU half in 3 weeks...what was I thinking?! Training has been sub-par, nutrition mediocre, supposed to run 10 on Saturday and feeling like it might end up being more like 6. Ha! At least we get moving some of the time, right? Way to go!

Kiley said...

First, congrats on your third kiddo! How crazy is it with 3? I'm not sure I want to try that out yet :) And second, congrats on finishing your half, even without the best training, and doing awesome! Can't wait to hear more from ya.

Suz and Allan said...

Welcome back! That's a speedy half in my book so I can only imagine how fast you will be next time when you feel better prepared.

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family!

Rachelle Wardle said...

You are awesome! And that last picture sums it all up. Who cares about running when you have a family as cute as yours.

So glad I got to talk to you for a few seconds last week. Gosh I miss you!