Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We fail?

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I know I've been MIA lately.  I didn't think it would be possible, but I think I've actually run out of things to say!  So, alas, the blog has remained empty.

This last weekend I went to Cedar City to the High School Shakespeare Competition.  I workshop kids for Shakespeare with Davis High School, and I love every second of it.  This year there was a lot of playing, a few tears, more laughs than I can count, and many a sleepless night.

I also ended up with strep throat which means that I skipped out on my long run...  I'm still trying not to beat myself up about it.

Back to Shakespeare....  His words are universal.  The reason the Bard has been so popular is because of the timelessness and utter relatability of his characters and the situations they are in.

So maybe we don't murder our enemies sons and bake them into pies like in Titus Andronicus.

And maybe we don't sell our souls to the Devil in order to obtain a higher position like MacBeth.

However, we can apply the lines to our lives with ease.  Example?

MacBeth, Act I Scene VII:

Macb.        If we should fail?       
  Lady M.        We fail!
But screw your courage to the sticking-place,
And we’ll not fail.

Whether you have a bad workout, a bad race,or you are getting ready to run your first race or your 100th- remember COURAGE. 

...and maybe remember not to dabble in devil worshiping.  It just leads to death.  Trust me.


Amy N. said...

Thanks for the tip on devil worshiping. You totally saved me because I was about to try it.

Amber said...

Ha, me too, Amy N.

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

LOL! Courage - you are so right. How many people out there really have the courage to abuse their bodies just to cross a finish line?!?!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Ha ha love this! I am so so sorry you got strep throat. :( Hope you are feeling better.

Also you e-mailed me over the weekend and I never responded (and accidently deleted it) oops! Anyway yes I'm sure you can fit in the van with us if your Mom is unable to go. And I am so so sorry about your grandma.

kalie said...

These pictures are not from Andra's ensemble scene, are they?

How was Cedar?

jclay said...

Haha! I'll be sure to steer clear of the devil worshiping. :)

I love those lines! I love applying courage to running... and to life. It's nice to remember that come what may, we always have a choice and can choose courage.

Strep throat is bad news... hope you get feeling better really soon!