Wednesday, October 5, 2011

All by myself

Family blog update!  {The Finer Things Club} and {Mi Mama}

Race Shirts:  Don't hate, appreciate.
"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work as hard." -Tim Tebow

Although I can say that I do have a slight gift for running, I can also tell you that any "success" that I've had has come from a whole lot of hard work.  I heard this quote today from my friend Kristin and I had to share.  Work hard out there!

Moving on...  I have been absolutely terrified that I was going to be all screwed up after the marathon.  I'm so so grateful that I'm not!  I took a week off and rested, and then got back into the groove of things last week.  My workouts have been stellar so far.

Saturday, 9/24:  6 miles, recovery, 8:51 pace
Monday, 9/26: 3.5 miles, 7:25 pace
Tuesday, 9/27: 4 miles, hills with 350 ft. gain in 1.5 miles, 7:41 pace
Friday, 9/30:  3.25 miles, treadmill, alternating between 7 and 8 mph
Saturday, 10/1: 10 miles, 8:17 pace
Monday, 10/3: 5.5 miles, 3.1 tempo at 5K pace (7:10) , 7:42 average pace

Know what is missing?  My running buddies!  Both Darcy and Mindy were left injured from running the Top of Utah Marathon.  They have a severely bruised foot (possible stress fracture) and tendinitis respectively.  I miss running with them so much, but at the same time it has been nice to go it alone.  I've forgotten how much faster I run by myself (which isn't always a good thing- sometimes it's important to slow things down), and it's forcing me to be accountable for my workouts all on my own.  I'm notorious for talking myself out of running when I don't have someone that's going to meet me out on the street- I've been proud of myself that I haven't missed a single one!  Go me.

In other news, I'm preparing to run Vegas Ragnar and my legs, for once, are E.A.S.Y.  Totaling about 12 miles, and only one with any real elevation gain, I'm planning on setting a new 5K PR and doing my best to keep up with my super speedy team.  It's going to be a huge difference running on a team that is projected to complete the race in roughly 26 hours.  My previous teams run for fun, and we finish somewhere closer to 33 hours!  Should be fun times.  I just have to hope they don't kick me off for being slow ;).

With a Ragnar in the very near future, I'm in need of some new tunes for my playlist.  

What's your current fave workout song?
Right now I'm loving She Got the Honey and Hey Mama by Mat Kearney (these were repeated many many times during the marathon).


Amy N. said...

I'm useless in the playlist department, I don't usually run with music.

I love my running buddies, and I miss them when we can't run together. You can be my virtual running buddy!

I'm TOTALLY excited to run Ogden with you! It'll be great!

Julia said...

haha. and i thought we were fast last year. i have improved and am still by far the slowest on the team...awesome. with you added speedsters i have no hope ;) i am so glad to hear that you recovered well after the marathon. it is taking every ounce of self-will not to run but i know it is for the best and will pay off come ragnar time! seeing your runs is an inspiration to me...not that mine will be that fast but that i have some good runs left in me hopefully ;) love that quote! so true! and hoping for the best for your friends!

you are seriously rocking it girl!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Love the shirt. Did you get a Boston Qualifying shirt at TOU? Your workouts are seriously nearly identical my typical workouts. We seriously would make the best running partners.

I am so excited for Vegas Ragnar I can hardly handle it. Seriously we are going to have so much fun!! No pressure just fun!! Oh man I so cannot wait. Love you!!

And I hardly every run with music so I am no help. Sorry!

Ali Mc said...

I also love your shirt and your running plan looks AWESOME! can't wait till I'm at your millage :D I don't know about music....I really like "moves like Jaggar" lol

Cory Reese said...

Oh how I wish 8:51 was a recovery pace.

I'm a fan of Mat Kearney, that must be from his new CD. I'll have to check that out. Relient K and OneRepublic have some of my favorite running music.

Great job on your runs!

sNick said...

That is a sweet shirt. As for music, I don't run with music, but if I did, Higher and Higher by Jackie Wilson would be at the top of my list. Listen to it and you'll understand.

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

You didn't waste any time! Right back at the workouts right after a marathon. Nice work!

I just put a playlist up on my blog of some songs if you want to have a look! I'm a top 40 kind of girl so I don't know if that's your thing but go and have a look!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Glad you're ready for a racing so soon. Run fast and get that 5K PR!

jclay said...

Great runs!!! I wish you were here to train with/motivate me!!! And mostly I want to run next to you while you're wearing that rad shirt... so maybe I can soak in some of your coolness.. seriously though... not a bad race shirt! Do they have a lot of moose up in Logan?

Cool running songs... I don't usually listen to music while I run, but I've had that pumped up kicks song in my head every run for the past week. It's getting a little old. I really like Will Smith's girl's Whip my hair song... Oh yeah, her name is Willow.... anyway, I'm like a preteen in my music likes apparently, but I really love that song. I can't listen to it (or watch that cute music video) without smiling.

kalie said...

I like Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and One Day by Matisyahu. I love the shirt. I realized this week when running that I have one pair of running tights and no long sleeved running shirts. I see some investments in my future. Hopefully I get a long sleeved shirt at the Provo Half. Are you running it?

Lauren said...

My current favorite run song is "We Found Love" by Rihanna. I pretty much listened to it on repeat for the entirety of the St. George Marathon...