Thursday, November 17, 2011

What in the world???

I am in the throes of Christmas shopping for my kids. I. LOVE. IT.  I love picking out cute dolls for my baby girl and tough toys for my big boy.  However, I'm always aghast by some of the toys they come up with.

Monster High Dolls- What the heck?!
Awful!!!!!!!!!!!!   I will never understand.  Is Twilight to blame?  Or something else?

I'm headed out of town, so the next time you'll hear from me is on Monday with the Giveaway WINNER!

Don't forget to enter!

And for the heck of it-  an extra entry if you tell me what the oddest toy you've seen this season is.  The extra entry will only count if you have already checked out Aspaeris's website and told me something you learned about them.  Feel free to write what you learned (NEW ENTRIES ONLY) on this post.

Have a good weekend!


Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

The oddest toy I've seen (though it wasn't this season, but they still have it in stores) is a creepy elmo camera. Vaughn and I call it the pedifile camera.

Here is a video of it we made, because it's creepy:

If you hadn't already posted those dolls I would have! I saw them earlier and they freaked me out!

Julia said...

bahahaha. i tend to avoid the toy aisle lately. i get overwhelmed by the number of toys that i do NOT understand ;) have a wonderful weekend!

Julia said...

i kinda feel like i didnt even submit my last comment!?! i am losing my mind. anyway...i was just saying that I often get overwhelmed these days by the number of toys I don't understand. am i really that out of the loop!?! haha! have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

The strangest/funniest toy I have seen is called Doggie Doo. I wonder who thought that this would be a good idea?

Natalie said...

I think I might have to agree with you. Those dolls might be the weirdest thing I've seen yet....

Rachelle Wardle said...

ha ha! I really want to win your giveaway and I think that the Hexbugs are weird. Have you seen those?

They are like little toy bugs that look like combs. wth!

Hope your having a fun trip. :)

Courtney said...

i always though Bratz dolls were odd and weird for kids that age... but these definitely take the cake!