Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chasing the High

I'm hoping to have another moment like this one:

Ogden Marathon 2012: REGISTERED 

Did any of YOU register for the Ogden Marathon, half, or relay today? Planning on it?  Planning on running a different full marathon next year?


Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I didn't register for Ogden, but I'm hoping Top of Utah will be my race! We'll see!

I wish there were more marathons on Saturdays where I live, it would be so much easier if I didn't have to travel!

Christie said...

Random ?... what is the name of these cute Nike tops I always see you wearing? I want to get me some!

YAY for 2012 races!!!

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

I love that picture of you! So joyful! I really want to run NYC next year...keeping my fingers crossed for this whole lottery business! Gah.

Rachelle Wardle said...

Freaking Awesome!! I think you will love this marathon. I am so excited for you.

Cory Reese said...

I loved your Halloween Half recap and those are some sweet pictures! You are crazy fast. 7:26/mile?!?!?

Ogden is a great race, you will love it.

Jolene said...

No, I want to register for a few Spring races but we will be traveling to China for 2 weeks (to get our son) and we won't know our travel dates for a few more months.

Terra said...

Amy and I were playing around with the idea of registering particularly after we heard so many bloggers were running!

But...it just isn't the right time to run this year.


(I'm totally planning on talking her into some kind of marathon this year though.)

kalie said...

Oh my good gracious! I am not sure what I've gotten into. I have NO IDEA why I decided to sign up that day. ;)