Saturday, June 25, 2011

14- Booya!

Got myself out of bed at 5:10 AM and ran THE BEST 14.06 MILES OF MY LIFE!! It seriously rocked my socks. I felt good throughout, finished with negative splits, and was so so so happy with my 8:49/mile training pace.

...thoughts of Boston keep creeping into my mind...

I refueled with Shot Blocks- which I liked. They didn't hurt my stomach at all and they were significantly more palatable than GU. I also brought water and drank that without any stomach issues or bladder issues. Hurrah! I would say this run was a SUCCESS. I felt so good, and I just know it must have been because I refueled as I ran. I can't wait to see how I feel next week on my 15 miler.

Freak Flag Fac
t- Since most of you don't know me, and haven't seen me in real life, I figured it was time to introduce you to my thumbs. A little frightening? Yes. Kind of so weird looking that they are cute? I like to think so! Do you have an endearing feature?

After my run I went to my friend's house where we were having a combined yard sale. I sold a bunch of "crap" and came home with $136! So happy. I used some of said yard sale money to buy myself a Wendy's Bistro Chicken Sandwich- large sized, of course (hey, I burned 1350 calories this morning!)- and a Frosty.

Love replacing those calories!

Also, have you seen the McMillan Running Calculator?
You can plug in a current race time and it will figure out what a probable goal time is for you on races of different distances (ranging from 100 meters to the Marathon), and it will also spit out what paces you should be doing your track work at, etc. I'm stoked! No more guesswork needed. Go check it out. It's incredible!


Tricia said...

super awesome job on the run!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Awesome job on the 14 miles, that's great! Wendy's is a pretty yummy way to refuel after a long run!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Yay! Great job on your run. You are a rockstar! Which marathon are you training for? I would love to run with you sometime.

I love the McMillan calculator and use it all the time!