Friday, June 24, 2011


The Top of Utah Marathon is less than 3 months away. I'm trying not to pee my pants about that over here.

I took the beginning of the week off to rest from the race last weekend, and I started running again on Wednesday. I ran a 4 mile recovery run at an 8:29/mile pace, and then last night- on the hottest day of the year so far- I did my first interval workout.


I can only blame myself because:
  1. I chose a route that had a huge hill in it at the beginning.
  2. I decided to sleep in which means I ended up running in the evening in temperatures that I am not used to AT ALL yet.
I've learned my lesson!

It's obvious to see where the big hill is when you look at my intervals- 7:46, 8:52, 7:26, 6:46, 6:59, 6:56. The first 2.5 miles are up hill (with the biggest hill in mile 2, and the last 4.5 miles home are a gradual down hill). I did a half mile cool down at an 8:30. To be honest, I had no idea I was going to be able to run ANY intervals at under a 7:00/mile pace. My goal was to keep them under 8:00, so I am very very happy with what I was able to do.

Running these intervals makes me so curious as to what I will be able to do a marathon in. I keep thinking that I want to just take it easy and get some experience first, but I feel like if I just push myself a tiny little bit, that I will be able to walk away with a Boston Qualifying time...

What should I do? Take it easy? Go for it? What would you do? I'm searching for any advice here from someone that has run a marathon!

On Saturday I am scheduled to run 14 miles- this will be the furthest I have ever run. I'm both anxious and excited. Aaahhh! Let the marathon training begin!!!


Tricia said...

enjoy your long run! reaching new distances is super exciting

kalie said...

AMYLEE! That is amazing. I am so inspired by everything about you. One of my favorite running blogs is She is training for the Marine Corps marathon and she always has lots of good information. If you haven't checked it out already, you should.


Cory Reese said...

You are running super speedy!

Only my two cents, but I'd say just go have fun on your first marathon. Everyone told me not to go for a certain time on my first but I didn't listen and then I crashed before mile 20.

Plus, it's hard to really understand what those last 6 miles feel like until you do it. After your first marathon it's a huge mental boost to know you CAN do it, then you can plan more wisely for #2. There will be plenty of other marathons where you can BQ but this will be your only 1st Marathon.

Just my $.02. You're doing AWESOME!!!!!