Friday, November 11, 2011


I've been feeling pretty comfortable at a 9:30 pace this week. Sometimes I think I need to start to pick things up a little, but why?  Isn't the point to just enjoy yourself out there?

I put my kids to bed early on Thursday nights so I can watch Grey's Anatomy in peace.

Arby's seems to have been calling my name lately and I've eaten there more in the last month than I have in the previous 2 years.

I hate cleaning out the drip pans on my stove.  I just buy new ones.  I'm so wasteful!

I plan trips on Travelocity and then bail before the final purchase screen.

Everything we want or need during the months of November and December gets wrapped and put under the Christmas tree.

Speaking of Christmas- I love buying my kids toys!  It's a problem.  They need another toy like they need a hole in their head.

I started watching a new kid today- a baby named Jack.  Don't worry.  I'm secretly pretending that he's mine!

I say "seriously" way too often.

I feel like I'm fizzling on the whole blogging thing lately.  I just don't have the fire anymore!  Is it because the races are over? Perhaps when training for the Ogden Marathon starts up I'll find myself with oodles to say again.

I ran to the store and bought myself a bag of Butterfingers after I had already eaten all of my kid's.  Those things are like crack.

I love to watch my Annie run around naked.  That bum is SO. CUTE.

I've watched several Christmas movies and have been listening to Christmas music on occasion.

What about you?  Any confessions as of late?


Amy N. said...

The point is to enjoy yourself, why kill yourself if you have a good time at 9:30!

I haven't been to Arby's in ages, but now you've got those curly fries calling my name.

I don't plan trips on travelocity, but I purchase a ton of clothes and plan trips to disneyland. I might have to give travelocity a try.

I gift wrap all the stuff we need too.

I say awesome way too often.

I dig your blog. But I understand how lack of motivation for it goes.

I broke out the christmas music weeks ago!

Amber said...

I totally wanted to say something online about little kid bottoms, but was afraid of someone filing charges. Really, though, that Jovie-of-mine's tush just kills me!

ashley & sundance said...

I love that you... MISS SPEED DEMON... are enjoying 9:30 pace. Makes me feel normal! :)

I'm feeling ya on the blog thing. Sometimes I just have nothing remotely interesting to say. Or I fear that I'll start repeating myself. and I'm beginning to worry that more and more of my co-workers are reading my blog. (they'll find out just how ODD i am!)

loving christmas movies and music for the last several weeks!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Your confessions make me smile! I go back and forth with passion for blogging. I never force myself if I don't have anything to say. Training helps, because you always have something to talk about!

kalie said...

That is so funny about your "hole in the head" line! My mom always says that and I think it is hilarious.

Does that include food under the Christmas tree? ;)