Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekly RUNdown

Can I just say that  it feels really weird not to be "in training" for something!  I do have a 5K on Thanksgiving, but that's pretty much just for fun.  After that my next scheduled race isn't until the Ogden Marathon in May 2012.  Until marathon training starts again, I'm just going to be working hard to maintain my base- which means about 25- 30 miles of running/week with a long run of 10+ miles.  And maybe a little bit of speed work because y'all know how I want to get faster.  That being said, here's what last week looked like for me:

Monday:  Hills with Mindy.  5.55 miles, 9:12 average pace.
Tuesday:  Yasso's!  Only did 3 sets of 800's today- 3:09, 3:16, 3:11.  They wore me out!  I can't believe I used to do 10 of these in a row.
Friday:  Easy run with Mindy.  6.2 miles with 9:23 average pace.  Left hip started to really bother me...
Saturday:  10 mile long run with 8:46 average pace.  Got to run with Darcy and Jami.  We took it slow.  I don't know why but ever since the Halloween Half I have been feeling so beat up.  Even Sunday I was still feeling sore after this run- and 10 miles really shouldn't be a big deal for me.

Last Week's GoalWake up at 5AM to run.  The goal is to do it while my children are asleep.  I felt really inspired by this post to make a better effort at this.  Success!  Thanks to the time change it didn't totally kick my butt.  And thanks to 10 minute power naps I didn't die in the evening.

New Goal:  Strength train 2 times a week.  Pathetic goal, yes?  Let's just say that two times a week is a heck of a lot better than ZERO times a week.  I have been feeling really beat up and kind of struggling with my hips, IT Bands on both sides, and my left shin.  I'm hoping to get some good strength training in before injuries take me out.

Tune in later for a GIVEAWAY!


Amy N. said...

I have a hard time training when I have nothing to train for too. It's difficult, but looks like you still got good workouts in!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Good job with waking up at 5am and the workouts. I have been feeling beat up lately too and I think it is a good sign that my body needs a little break. Your goal for this week is perfect and you can do it!!

Did you run outside at 5am? If so you are so very brave. I am still such a wuss when it comes to running in the dark cold mornings.

Ali Mc said...

I have a similar goal. I was just reading in the last issue of rw that yoga can replace strength training so I'd gonna tackle doing yoga more :D nice weekly runs. YAY for giveaway later

Falon said...

Hey I think twice a week for strength is good! At least you're putting that goal in print. I need to be less wuss and more Amy and get out there in the morning. Brrrr

kalie said...

I was amazed by Fast Cory's post, too. I am glad I have a TM for the winter months but I can't exactly stick my jogging stroller on there, so it will be much more of a sacrifice to find time to run during PRECIOUS NAP TIME.

Julia said...

i cant believe you used to do 10 Yasso's either!?! you are amazing! some great running this week! i think sometimes we just need easier weeks so to say! sounds like you have great goals and a great perspective on what will work best for you leading up to training for ogden!