Monday, May 16, 2011

Wasatch Dance Center Tutu 5K

Lindsey and I in our matching Ladybug Tutus that she made. This photo was pre-race.

There is nothing I love more than sharing what I love with someone that I love.

This last Saturday I got to run a 5K with my friend Lindsey. (I won the entry from Hungry Runner Girl- Thank you!) Lindsey is, in her own words, NOT a runner. She is, however, a teacher with a very dry and sarcastic wit about her- which I absolutely love! Lindsey is training for the Ragnar with me, and this was her very first race ever.

We arrived and checked in with registration (where her student had registered her under "Mrs. Harvey"), and waited for the race to start.

We couldn't take our eyes off a lovely young fellow whom we affectionately called "Compression Socks". Compression socks was wearing, you guessed it, knee high neon green compression socks as well as some other high tech running gear. He was also stretching, doing strides, and sucking down some performance gels....

Performance gels? Before a 5K?! To each his own, I guess.

Needless to say, seeing him made me feel all competitive and aggressive. Since I'm nursing the darn knee, I knew I couldn't push it hard at this race so I wasn't sure if I could even challenge this guy.

I lined up in the back of the pack with Lindsey and let Compression Socks get down like he was using blocks for the 100 Meter Dash at the front of the line. The race director said "Go!" and we were off. I just kept it nice and easy. Didn't push, but didn't really hold back either.

At the half mile my shoe came untied. Compression Socks was ahead, so I certainly couldn't stop to tie my shoe!

I trucked along, slowly gaining on him with every step. I passed him at about the mile mark of the race. I wish I could say I never looked back, but I totally did. I wanted to make sure he stayed behind me. Plus I wanted to tie my shoe.

But, I just couldn't tie my shoe because it was a 5K and someone could sprint by me at any second, and I had to keep my lead.

Of course.

Well, that wasn't a problem. I finished the race, shoe untied and tutu in place, and won outright! Ha! Gotta love the small town 5K. I ran it in 23:25 with a 7:22/mile pace. Not my fastest, but not bad considering I wasn't pushing very hard.

Compression Socks didn't cross the line for about 4 more minutes after me- in 3rd place.

Lindsey did well, and even better, SHE DIDN'T DIE! That's good news considering I don't have anyone to replace her on the Ragnar team. I was so proud of her! It was so much fun to cheer her in with her family.

We had the following conversation on Facebook later that day:
Me: Remember how you ran a race today? So proud of you!
Lindsey: No amount of alcohol could help me forget.

Hmmmm.... I'm thinkin' she didn't catch the fire :).

For winning first place I got a trophy with a tutu on it, and they put my name on the billboard outside the dance studio that put on the race.

I'm practically famous.


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Congrats! How awesome that you won outright! Bet Mr. Compression socks is feeling a bit silly now for taking all the gels too, haha!

LisasFitLife said...

HAHA Love the tutu and the picture of you with your name on the billboard!! Good times!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Congrats on winning the 5K! Looks like a fun time!