Monday, May 23, 2011

Death by Yoga

Once upon a time I screwed up my knee and had to find something else to do with my life besides sit on the couch and watch Modern Family on Hulu. (Which, by the way, happens to be the best comedy out there on TV right now). So, for my birthday, I went to Wally Mart and bought this beauty:
Now, I should let you in on a little secret- I don't like to "exercise". Running, to me, is not exercise. I don't run to burn calories or to lose weight or to get in shape. I run simply to run. So, I feel like I'm entering a new phase in my life. My husband calls it "The New Amy". I call it the I-would-rather-spend-my-birthday-money-on-a-new-running-shirt-and-a-yoga-DVD-because-supposedly-yoga-helps-runners phase.

Well, this is not the kind of yoga I was anticipating. I should have realized that, seeing as how Jillian is on the front and she is constantly yelling the "F" word at the contestants on the Biggest Loser (go team Olivia!!!).

Friends. I nearly died this morning.

As it would turn out, I'm not flexible, I'm not strong, and to me, downward dog is not common knowledge. I mean, come on! Planks was the WARM UP!!!!

Well played, Jillian.

If you need a good butt kickin', you should check it out.

I feel like I've had plenty of "humble pie" over the last few weeks. After Jillian beat me into submission this morning, I'm hoping that the Physical Therapist will have good news for me tomorrow. Crossing my fingers and toes....

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Amber said...

I totally have this DVD and have not yet tried it. Granted, my DVD player was unusable for months, but now I truly have no excuse. I will have to give it a go this week. I am flexible, but definitely not strong.

Amy, you inspire me.