Friday, May 27, 2011


There is a Higher Power that is looking out for us. I call it God, but you may call it something else.

Last week I was extremely discouraged about my injury. It wasn't getting better in spite of cutting back in running, foam rolling, what have you. When I ran it would just flare up again and after two runs I was right back where I started from. I had been praying about it a lot and just had the feeling that it would be okay if I asked my husband for a blessing. So, I did.

And I am so grateful.

Our Father in Heaven cares about us and each thing that is important to us as individuals. Whether it be running, or biking, or our children, or finding our wallet, or going to school- He wants us to come to Him with these problems because He wants to help us. No matter how insignificant it may seem to other people, if it is important to you, then it is important to Him.

This was reaffirmed to me last week, and I can honestly say that I feel this blessing was the turning point in the healing of this injury. I felt that I needed to make an appointment with a physical therapist, so I called up my neighbor and he referred me to his partner, Dan Ivie, who is a big time runner as well.

Besides all of the little strengthening exercises, Dan has aligned my hips and popped my right one back into place (!!!), done heat stem therapy, some sort of shock therapy, and used a laser on my IT Band, scraped the crap out of my leg, maneuvered my body in positions I didn't even think were possible, showed me how I've been running with seriously bad form, shoes that are way too worn out (600+ miles), and has literally kicked my butt.

One part was definitely not lost on deaf ears- He told me that I will be able to run Ragnar, and the Top of Utah Marathon NO PROBLEM.

I ran 5 miles on Wednesday and felt absolutely no pain or soreness after (and only very mild soreness during my run, until I corrected my form and then it went away). I've been able to carry my baby on my hip without my IT Band bothering me, and I don't hardly even think about my knee (because I'm too busy thinking about how sore my butt and thighs are).

I do believe things are on the up and up!!! I'm going to run tonight again so we will have to see how that goes- I have faith that I'm going to be just fine.

In the meantime I've been busy refueling my body with green smoothies, and my soul with U2. I've had lots of therapy over the last week for every part of me.


Me, my big brother Sam, sister in law Kaydee, and brother James at U2 in Salt Lake City.


Cory Reese said...

#1: I'm super jealous about U2.

#2: I can't speak for Ragnar because you relay runners are crazy


#3: You will be totally good for Top of Utah. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt with IT band issues, and honestly, you will be good to go for TOU. There's lots of time between now and then to get back to top form. No worries.

Kim said...

So glad things are looking better! Thanks for the post...