Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm Sorry! I'm Sorry!

Running a Ragnar Relay means running multiple times over 24 hours. All of our paces are plugged in for our team and I will be running:

3.9 miles, flat
Resting for 10 hours and then running
7.6 miles, 550 foot elevation gain total
Resting for about 9 hours and then running
4 miles, 1700 foot elevation gain total

I will only be running a total of 15.5 miles, but it makes for some pretty sore muscles by the end.

In order to train for this properly, that means that I am supposed to be running 2-3 times during a 24 hour period.

Has this been happening? Of course not!

Monday night we had our tough training run- A 6 mile loop with a 350 foot elevation gain in the first 2 miles (all in brutal wind), which I did at an 8:09/mile pace. So, to make a 2 a day, I got up and ran at 5:45AM with Darcy the next morning. We ran 5 miles in the hilliest neighborhood right next to us. It is a great rolling hills workout with 350 feet in elevation gain throughout, and we did it with an 8:50/mile pace.

Needless to say, I was sore, and my IT Band felt more sensitive than it has since I started therapy (but still OODLES better than it did before I began therapy).

I called Dan (the PT) to make another appointment. He asked me why I felt I needed it, what the pain was like, and what my workouts were. His response was- "Amy! I know you are training for Ragnar, but you have to stop. Just consider yourself trained. Someone that is recovering from an injury should NOT be doing workouts like that." We ended the conversation and I made my appointment for Friday.

I felt like I had a giant "IDIOT" stamped across my forehead.

Why can I shell out advice to others but not take it myself? Oh yeah, because I'm an IDIOT!!!!


MotherRunner said...

Man, it is tough to rein yourself in when you're recovering from injury. I am struggling with it every day.

And you are one speedy mama!!!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Hey Girl! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I was able to find your blog and I am so excited to follow you.

I am running Wasatch Back Ragnar this weekend as well. Woo hoo I love Ragnars. I hope I get to run into you because it would be great to meet you in real life. You are going to kill your marathon I just know it!

Where do you live girl? We need to run together.