Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nothing beats a 4th 5K! Well, except maybe badminton!

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Me, Kalie, Abby, Sierra, Liesel- Aren't my SIL's the cutest ever?
I spent the 4th of July holiday with my husband's family in Wyoming this year. I love my in-laws. Love, love them. Why? Because they let me be a fool and I know they don't really care.

Evidence of me being a fool?

I named our badminton team "Thunderbirds" and nearly peed my pants- on more than one occasion- while we played badminton for about 10 hours over the 3 day weekend. My forearm is sore from all of the playing.

It was good times.

I convinced my super cute SIL's to run a Patriotic 5K in Star Valley Ranch on Saturday, July 2nd. I was so happy because when we finished, they all said they wanted it to be a tradition! They did so awesome, even though the course was really hilly, and they haven't even been running. Abby was even the first girl in her division to cross the finish line. They are serious rockstars!

I ran the 5K in 22:55- a 7:30 average. It felt so hard, but I never stopped running and pushing my hardest- even at the hill at the very end. I was able to place 2nd in my division- which included both men and women. The overall winner of the race was a 24 year old guy that ran it in 19 minutes- so awesome.
Now that I'm home I'm feeling... tired. Maybe it was because I ate my weight in oreo truffles? Or because we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning every night? Either way, it's Tuesday and I have yet to run this week.

Marathon training = FAIL

What's your favorite running workout? Tempo, hills, long runs, sprints? Send me some motivation!


kalie said...

Don't delete your running blog! I love it. Way to go on taking 2nd place! I think it is super cute your SILs ran w you.

As far as motivation. When I ran the Kanab Fun Run on the 4th, I ran into my friend Aubrey Johnson from SUU. (Did you ever meet her?) She is really fit. Anyway, she ran a 6:30 pace and I asked her how she got so fast. She said she did a lot of speedwork training for a 10K. I love speed workouts on the treadmill but I think it would also be smart to run them on a track, which is what she did. So there you go.

Rachelle Wardle said...

Freaking awesome! Congrats on the 5k time, that is fabulous. And you placed 2nd in your agegroup. You are a rockstar!! I love that you talked your sil's to run it with you. Love that!

Current favorite run workout is tempo. A good moderately hard workout. Love that!

sNick said...

Something beats a 4th 5K - the Kaysville 4th 10k - BAM. ;) It was fun.