Friday, December 9, 2011


***New post on the family blog- {That. girl.}

I use the conjuction "it's" when in fact I should be writing "it has."

On that same note- if you have terrible grammar then there is a good chance I don't read your blog very often.  Or ever.

Reading blogs makes me feel like I need to run a marathon, run fast, and love peanut butter.  I'll let you guess which one I could care less about.

If I have 2 corn dogs and a green smoothie for lunch, then I consider that a healthy meal.

I think Anderson Cooper is ridiculously good looking.  Something about that grey hair and blue eyes combo.  Don't tell my husband this.

I recently started using swagbucks.  (Do you do this?  If you want to, let me know and I 'll send you an invite!)  I use the search button repeatedly just so I can win swagbucks sometimes.  Today I typed in random questions including (but not limited to):
  • Should I have another baby?
  • Am I cool?
  • Is running a marathon cool?
Apparently I hope I'm cool.

No, I haven't grown up since the 7th grade.  Why do you ask?

I loathe getting up at 5AM.

How about you?


Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I feel the same way about blogs with terrible grammar. Not that mine is perfect, but at least it's legible.

I dig Anderson Cooper too. Seriously.

Jessica @ said...

Oh, no! Now I'm all worried about my grammar! Actually, I'm a grammar snob, too... Only I'm pretty sure I break rules like a fool all the time!

I don't know about green smoothies, but I'm certainly with you on the corn dogs, Anderson Cooper, and the 5am wakeups. :)

Terra said...

I'm pretty sure you must hate my blog...but even though I know I make mistakes I totally judge others for theirs.

I also totally agree with you about Anderson Cooper- silver hair is gorgeous! Blue eyes make my knees weak...I guess that's a good thing since I'm pretty sure I made my husband lose his hair, but at least I know his eyes can't fall out (easily).

Falon said...

hee hee i love amylee confession day!

Suz and Allan said...

This makes me think of the Magic 8 balls and all the crazy things we asked.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Congrats on your selection to FitFluential!! I look forward to learning more from you! I got meet Julia in LV along with many other of my favs!

kalie said...

Swagbucks makes my internet run like the dark ages. I am so over it. And "it's" is a perfectly acceptable contraction for "it has," so stop worrying.

Jamie said...

I'm definitely guilty of using "it's" when I mean it has, oops! It's definitely difficult to read a blog when the grammar and/or spelling is all over the place. On that note, I don't write my blog posts the same way that I used to write my grad school papers!

Jessica said...

I am the same way about grammar. I annoy most of my friends because if there is a typo or misspelled word on a sign or a menu, I will find it, and probably brag about finding it. Obnoxious, but true.

Your confessions always make me smile. And talk about a blog that makes me want to run fast! I can't even look at your times without feeling winded. We should do a race together sometime - you'll run the marathon, I'll run the half marathon, and we can finish together!

sNick said...

Saying "it's" for "it has" follows descriptive grammar, not prescriptive, so depending on how uppity your readers are, you could argue that you are right. (I'm taking linguistics this semester. Our job is not to judge language, just to describe what is going on).

I've always thought Anderson Cooper was insanely good looking. Have you seen this: ?

Pretty sure he's gay, though, so Dallas doesn't need to worry. Or maybe he does?