Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve Virtual 5K- RESULTS

I can't tell you how much fun it was for Amy and I to see the results come in for the virtual 5K.  When we first decided to do it, we were anticipating it to be only the two of us.  Thanks for joining us!

Without further adieu, we have decided that the winner of the photo contest is....

Suzette runs on the other side of the mountain from me.  We both love Mt. Timpanogos- only from a different view.  

Amy was super awesome and put together all of the results, so a huge THANK YOU to her!  (You know, it was really hard for me to do copy and paste...) 
Disclaimer: Though 30 people may not seem like a lot keeping the blogs, pictures, names and times all together was more brain power than my brain can handle.  So if I made a mistake or left you out let me know and I'll correct it.  

1 - Mark - 19:16 - Overall Winner!
A little background info on Mark- we went to high school together.  He also happens to be the other Amy's brother in law.  He ran cross country while stealing the show in many a theatrical performance.  I pretty much want to be him.  In every way.  Well, except I still want to be a girl...  you get the picture.  He's incredible.  Great job, Mark!
2 - Amylee - 20:25 

3 - Amy - 21:01
4/5 - Martinho and Terra - 22:17
(Heather, Terra, Martinho)

6 - Heather - 22:50
7 - K - 23:34

8 - Heather - 24:20
(See photo above)

9 - Kyle - 24:22 - First 5k!

10 - Stephanie - 24:32 - New PR!

11 - Stacee - 25:30
(Stacee, Mindy, Amylee, Liesel)

12 - Mindy - 26:00
(See photo above)

13 - Ali Mc - 26:06 - New PR!

14 - Kalie - 26:30

15 - Biking Buddy April - 26:50
(With a migraine on a treadmill, I wouldn't have finished)

16 - Scott - 27:38 - New PR!

17/18 - Les & Rachel - 28:30 - New PR's!

19 - Liesel - 28:49
(See photo above)

20 - Jamie - 28:55

21 - Maren - 29:00
22 - Suzette - 29:15 - New PR!
(I had to post two of hers because they cracked me up)

23 - Keven - 29:52

24 - John - 34:20

25 - Anna - 37:48 - First 5k!

26 - Bridget T.  - 42:00

27 - Suzanne - 45:26

28 - Joy - 55:00
29 - Gail - 55:00 - First 5k!
(That's my Mom ya'all!)
Thank you again to everyone who participated!  You were all so amazing.  It was really cool to see how many first time 5Kers there were in this bunch.  There's nothing I love more than seeing someone else begin their journey of doing something that I love!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!


Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

We really do have Mark to thank for bringing us together don't we. (Even if he really had nothing to do with it other than blog links.)

This was so fun! And I say if we're doing to be race directors, this was the way to do it!

Let's do it again next year!

susette said...

Wahoo!! I'm just a kid at ♥

MotherRunner said...

Yay for your mom running! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Amber said...

That's really so cool, guys, that you could get all those people to join an online 5k. Wish I could've, too; maybe next year.

jclay said...

I am so seriously bummed about missing this... I was so stoked to do it... and then I hurt my heel on a hike and decided to play it safe. boo.

I'm thinking you guys should have one of these for every major holiday... And mostly I really want one of those medals. :)

Ali Mc said...


kalie said...

When will Mark stop being so awesome and making the rest of us look bad?