Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekly RUNdown

I need a race.  That's all I have to say about that.  I need some serious motivation.  This is the first time since I started running that I've had such a long space of time between races.  It's not good.

Monday:  10 miles at 8:27 average pace.  Since I missed the long run last week I really wanted to start this week off right.  It was a great way to start it off!  I ran with Jami and we were able to easily hit my goal of running under an 8:30 pace.  (30 seconds slower than Ogden Marathon goal pace).

Thursday:  12 miles at 9:47 average pace.  I ran with Mindy.  This is a good thing because I think I would have had a heart attack when were were howled at by wolves.

Seriously.  I wish I were joking.

Doug Seuss- owner of Bart the Bear, the grizzly bear actor from the movie "The Edge", lives on one of my regular long run routes.  He owns grizzly bears and wolves.  I've run past his place gillions of times.  I have NEVER been howled at.  It was at about 9:30 PM and it was positively bone chilling.
A couple miles later we were chased by two giant farm dogs.

Note to self:  BUY SOME MACE.

Friday:  IT Band Rehab routine- glutes, calves and foot strengthening exercises. 45 minutes.

Saturday:  4 mile tempo run 7:27 average pace.  I slept in and had to cut the run a little short, but I felt pretty good about my pace.  It kicked my butt.  I definitely need to do some more solo running so I can get back in shape.  I'd like to consistently run 7:30's again soon.

Last week's goal:  Strength train twice/week.  This is getting embarrassing.  If I don't do it this week, I'm pretty sure I will be fired as a FitFluential Ambassador.

This week's goal:  Strength train twice/week.  IT. MUST. HAPPEN.

What is the freakiest thing that has happened to you on a run?
The wolves.  By far.  It was terrifying.  Well, and there was the other time that I thought I was being followed by a car.  And the two skunks that I almost ran into.  Those would have been bad news as well.


Christie said...

I am terrified of creepy animals when I run! They make for some great speed motivation though :)

Andrea said...

Every week I think to myself- you need to go read Amy's running blog- I'm so glad I did! I love reading about your adventures and all of your tips and tricks. I'm a slow runner- but I still love it. I couldn't believe your face in the cold! That is true devotion.

MotherRunner said...

I would NOT like being chased by dogs. No thank you. It's stories like this that make my treadmill seem even more awesome. :)

Jamie W said...

oh my gosh, that is scary! yes, get some mace! i've only encountered dogs, and rude drivers!

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Want to do a virtual race with me? We can race each other.

The wolf howling would totally creep me out too.

I got chased by a drunk guy once. It was when I was still pretty new to running and I wasn't very fast at all. But let me tell you, the adrenaline got pumping quick and it ended up being my fastest run ever! (By the way, after chasing me for a block or so he fell over and couldn't get back up. I didn't stop to help.)

Jessica said...

HA! Your note to self made me crack up. You are a funny lady.

I so hear you on the strength training front... that used to be my thing, but since I turned into a cardio queen this year, I apparently can't be bothered to pick up some free weights. It was a mere 5 days ago when I decided I would get back on the strength training bandwagon, and since then, I have done zero strength training. Impressive! But we can do it! I know we can!

Jamie said...

Wow that is scary!

The scariest thing for me was probably getting barked at by a dog in a car that my husband and I were running by. I love dogs but that freaked me out!

Jessica @ said...

Scary!!! I've never heard a wolf howl in real life, but I think it would be especially frightening if I were out running... that's like saying, "hey wolf, come chase and eat me!"

Getting chased by dogs is the scariest thing that's ever happened to me while running (multiple times), so I'm totally in favor of the mace plan.

Great tempo pace! I think we'd be good training buddies... why can't we live closer?! Now... go do some strength training... I like being able to claim that I have a close, personal friend who is a FitFluential Ambassador. :)

Ali Mc said...

wolves are my most favourite animal EVER ...I would've be stoked and howled back!!!! :D but I'm glad you had a buddy /w you

Mindy Kohler said...

That run was definitely memorable! I'm glad we went, even with my gurgling stomach!

Thanks for getting me out the door :)

Rachelle Wardle said...

Eeeeek that is insane!! They seriously let him keep wolves and bears at his house? Holy crap that is nuts!!!

The freakiest thing that has ever happened to me was running the everglades of FL at night. There were gators within feet of me. Yikes!

kalie said...

You should read The Ridge by Michael Koryta. It will make you very afraid of wild beasties.

Pace as usual is awesome. You need videos. Once you start, I think you will be hooked.

Christie said...

Thank you for such a sweet comment and the suggestion for the PT. I called the PT center where I live and they told me that the require a doctors reference... do they have that same procedure in your town - or do you know a clever way to get around this??:) I don't have insurance so going to a doctor first would be a pretty big bill just to go see the PT, ya know?

Coy Martinez said...

The place where I do my long runs is called the Legacy Trail and it winds from out of town all the way to downtown, one way, no stops. Part of it goes through the woods though and if you run early in the morning you can hear the coyotes and they always sound a little too close. It's pretty common though to see raccoon's and rabbits. :)

Suz and Allan said...

I would have freaked out if I were you! Great job this week as usual!