Saturday, December 31, 2011

Say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new.

I said goodbye to 2011 with an 11 mile run today. I'm excited for 2012 and what it has in store for me and my family.


If you need me I'll be having a serious Beyblade tournament with my son :)


Jamie said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Great job getting in 11 miles today!

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Happy New Year! You rock for doing 11 miles this morning!

Falon said...

Happy New Year! AWESOME 11 miler! Can't wait to see what awesome stuff you accomplish in 2012.

Ann said...

Happy New Year! :)

jclay said...

Happy New Year!

Now that it's 2012, I hope you're off on a 12 mile run... :)

Love that you can brave the frozen climate to get a killer long run in... amazing!

MotherRunner said...

Happy new year! :)