Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I started running because it was a cheap hobby.

Cheap MY EYE.

This year I have decided that I'm going to keep track of every cent I spend that is running related: races, supplements, clothing, shoes, gear, you name it.  I have a bank account that is set up for running.  I try to save 25 cents for every mile I run (which equals about $25-$30 a month).  I'm pretty sure this barely pays for my shoes.

Since we are, indeed, "starving college students," I have decided that I'm going to tally up just how "cheap" this little hobby of mine is.

So far the bill is fairly small:

Physical Therapist, 1/9- $50.00
Chinese Dragon Run 1/11- $13.25

But I know it is destined to grow.

I did pay for 2 big races last year that I am going to include for this year.  They are the Ogden Marathon ($85.00) and the Wasatch Back ($105).

That brings my running total for 2011 up to:


Yowza!!!!!!!!!  Don't tell my husband.


Christie said...

you should get to count a medical credit for all the future health benefits you a providing your body!!:)

jclay said...

No, running is not a cheap hobby... anyone claiming that lie, is probably not a real runner... between the shoes, the race fees, travel fees, gym memberships, rehab costs, ice cream/fro yo needs, time (which we all know = money)... it seriously adds up.

But it's also seriously worth it... especially the ice cream. :)

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I started running because it was cheap too. It's like when you get a free lunch only because they want to sell you a timeshare. You start running because it's "cheap" and then the opportunities to spend money start rollin' in!

Terra said...

I started running because I'm socially awkward and I didn't have to be on a team to do it:)

It also doesn't require much hand eye coordination which I lack.

I'm pretty cheap so I hold out buying clothes and gear and just ask for them as birthday/Christmas presents.

And don't faint but the shoes I ran my first marathon in were $30 from target:) Greg from South Sound Running about choked when I told him!

When you start running in races it really does start adding up fast though.

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Ugh! I totally feel your pain. I ran a few races last year and they were all between $35-$100...insanity. Plus one was in NYC so that cost a pretty penny! I tell myself that because I have no social life and therefore don't spend money on food, drinks, or partying, it's okay to spend money on running! I always find a way to justify it!

Jessica said...

I don't even want to think about how much I spend on running... especially when I add in the gear, because you know I love my Lululemon. It's nuts. But then, I always think of how much money people spend on hobbies and habits that are terrible for them - how much a smoker spends on cigarettes, for example, or how much someone who loves gambling blows at casinos on a regular basis. So yes, we are spending money, but at least we're doing something healthy, right?

I'm going to try to do more races that benefit charity this year... if I'm going to spend the money, I'd like at least some of it to go to a good cause!

Rachelle Wardle said...

It seriously is so expensive and I am trying to be way smarter about it this year. I somehow get talked into races way to easily though. I need to find a second job to support my habbit I think. :)

Oh and you were asking me about pacing awhile back. The answer is yes to get free entrance into the race. The group I am helping is actually pacing Moab this year too which would be cool but since I've already ran it I'm not going to go. Are you interested? I'll see if walter can add you to te group.

Jamie said...

Running is definitely not cheap!

You can keep it cheaper if you are just running for fitness rather than participating in it as an athlete, but even then it is not that cheap.

I really do think that races take a big chunk out of my savings. It makes it worse that my husband and I both run in the same races so we are always paying two entry fees. Oh well, we love it and aren't going to stop!

If we have to stop going out to eat in order to pay for a race, we will.

Suz and Allan said...

I'm afraid to look at our excel sheet with expenses and see what we spent just on race fees in 2011. Thank goodness I handle that and Allan doesn't normally ask!