Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekly (yearly) RUNdown

Success!!!!!!!  I feel like I beat the holiday slug feel and was able to finish the holidays (and the hardest week in the year to run- between Christmas and New Year's) with a bang.  So, so happy.
Sometimes it's hard to run when all I really want to do is snuggle on the couch with these people.
Tuesday:  Hill repeats, 8:20 pace, 5 miles, 444 foot gain.  I am SO TIRED of hills kicking my butt.  I think I'm going to start heading up Snake Creek and Guardsman this week since we still don't have any snow.

Thursday: 7.5 miles, 8:35 pace with Jami.  Does anyone else besides me and Ashley feel like running in fog is the same as breathing in jello?  Seriously.

Friday:  Treadmill 5K, 7:14 pace.  I don't think I've ever liked the treadmill as much as I did on this day.  Probably because I knew I was only going to go 3 miles!

Saturday:  11 miles, 8:31 pace.  It was great until mile 7; that's when I regretted eating 3 pieces of french toast, 3 pieces of bacon, and a glass of orange juice only 30 minutes before leaving on my run.  Whelp.  I won't do that again.

Last week's goal:  Run 20 miles.  Check!  It may not seem like it, but it was pretty hard to get this done this past week.  There was LOTS going on.  I'm sure you can all relate.

This week's goal:  Foam roll every day as well as after every run.  I'm feeling some IT Band tightness and I need to do what I know will help me- and that means foam rolling like it's my J-O-B.

And for the year.....

I love garmin connect.  LOVE IT.  I'm going to attempt to use Daily Mile (be my friend!) this year, but pretty much everything I do is better tracked with my Garmin anyway.  I love looking back over my days, weeks, months, and today I was able to look back at last year...

In 2012:
Count:192 Activities
Distance:1,230.89 mi
Time:177:00:25 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:46,828 ft
Avg Speed:7.0 mph
Avg HR:170 bpm
Calories:111,968 C
Max Distance:26.56 mi
Avg Distance:6.41 mi
Running 192/365 days is pretty incredible!  Especially when I was injured for the better part of May and September of this year.  This made me want to make a new goal, too- This year I want to crest 50,000 vertical feet!

Know what's going to help?  Signing up for the Wasatch Back Marathon :)
No, your eyes aren't fooling you.  That's nearly 3000 feet in elevation gain in 7 miles.  At the beginning of a marathon.  Wanna run with me????
 With this bad boy, I will be in it to FINISH.

What CRAZY race goal do you have this year?
Besides the 50,000 vertical feet, I want to BQ at the Ogden Marathon in May, and run a 10K with a 6:59 pace or under.


Jessica @ said...

How fun is that to be able to look at your run stats for the whole year! Pretty darn amazing! The Wasatch Back Marathon pretty much looks like death... I would run, but you know... the baby. ahem. (glad I have that excuse.)

Crazy race goal for the year is to run/walk one race every week of 2012 until our little bundle of joy shows up! :)

(But not a marathon... just to be clear... that elevation chart might give me nightmares. haha.)

Jamie said...

I also want to try to use Garmin Connect, I just got a new Garmin 405cx and I think it will be fun to look at the stats and charts on the computer!

No extremely crazy race goals, except that I am going to run in my first marathon and try to have it be 4:45 or less!

I'm going to add you as a friend on dailymile right now!

Rachelle Wardle said...

You freaking rock!! I have totally missed keeping up with you and must catch up on your blog. You seriously had such an amazing year and you are so hardcore. I freaking love it!!

When is the wasatch marathon? Maybe I will have to face my fear (hills!) and give it a shot. Love you so much girl we need to hangout soon now that life is back to semi-normal. :)

Coy Martinez said...

What a beautiful picture of you guys!! Look at that church in the background!!

I love marathons like the Wasatch! They don't just seem like road races and you really can't compare them to anything else! They stand alone as something really cool to be conquered!

Your IT Band and mine must be on the same wavelength. My right one is tight so I spent 30 minutes rolling and watching tv last night. It's bad when I can stand to be on it that long :)

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

What an amazing year! I love looking back and tracking everything from my runs!

Julia said...

oh hey super cutest family ever.

i think i need to do that marathon. really. seriously. i need a challenge. running up a mountain sounds good.

you rock. love you. need to see you. soon.

Courtney said...

what a beautiful family picture! i need to figure garmin connect out. it eludes me!

sNick said...

You should check out the Mount Timp marathon. It's INSANE. I remember reading something on the website like, "If you usually take 4 hours to run a marathon, plan on at least eight". And you provide your own support. Wicked. I have to be honest, my running for the past year and a half has been really spotty, but I've got a training plan, I'm into my second week, and I'm signed up for the SLC 1/2 and stoked about it. Woot!

kalie said...

You're so amazing! I am so inspired by you and your 50,000 feet goal!

Suz and Allan said...

Wow, what an amazing year! You logged so many miles!