Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I will say this once, but I will never say it again.

Thank Heavens for Nicki Minaj.

After a very tough- and hot!- tempo run at the indoor track at my rec center yesterday, I could not have been more grateful that "Fly" came on during the last half mile of my three tempo miles.

She saved the day... for me, anyway.

Sometimes it's really nice that I can be so easily pleased. Speaking of- A friend of mine posted this picture on Facebook. She took it on her morning run. I will never get tired of this view.
Are you easy to please?  What little thing has made your day of late?
Loving a new kitty shirt for my baby girl, fast runs, Raisinets, Donkey Kong Country, Downton Abbey, being read to by my 5 year old, Redbox movies with the hubby, and my exercise bike.


Julia said...

that pic is super gorgeous!!! love it. hmmmm little things that have made my day. an office with a heater. waking up to puppy kisses. peanut butter. a decent night's sleep.

Jolene said...

Coffee...I was in a rotten stinking mood so I made a huge cup of hot chocolate/coffee mixture and it did wonders for my crankiness!

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I miss that view. I miss the awesome mountains in Utah.

I'm glad you survived your tempo run. Those are the hardest workouts of the week for me!

Ali Mc said...

I love donkey kong - super easy to please, but I'm easily pissed off too, so I don't know ;) I love your view, super envious...not a huge NM fan. but great tempo!

Suz and Allan said...

Love Downton Abbey! I had to DVR the finale but I'm watching it today. Gorgeous view!

Amber said...

That song rocks. The End.