Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekly RUNdown

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When I'm fighting an injury I feel like I fight it and fight it and fight it, until all of a sudden- Poof!  One day it's just not there anymore.  I finally reached this point this week and for the first time this year I felt strong and ready.

I'm already grateful for this injury because it helped me to create a better habit of cross training and strength training- both of which will help me to remain injury free in the future.

Monday:  4.07 miles @ 7:48 pace/mile.  I wanted to run my planned marathon pace- 8:00/mile- and was happy I could do a little under that and still feel comfortable.  I went to the chiropractor in the afternoon and I could tell a HUGE difference from how I felt last week compared to this week.  It sure helps when you are running with an ankle that isn't locking (probably a big source of my shin problem) and a hip that is back in place.  15 minutes of strength training exercises from Run Less, Run Faster.

Tuesday:  45 minutes cycling- 11 miles total.  ITBS/Shin rehab routine, 25 minutes.

Wednesday:  3.14 miles with Breona @ 8:27 pace/mile.  It snowed!  We finished running and then walked around talking for about 30 more minutes.  Running partners are one of the greatest parts of running.

Thursday:  45 minutes vigorous cycling- 14 miles.  Nike Training Club- Ab burner exercises, 15 minutes.

Friday:  Nike Training Club- Sculpted Arms, 15 minutes and ITBS/Shin Rehab routine, 25 minutes.

Saturday: 6 miles- 2 mile warm up @ 8:22/mile, 3 miles tempo @7:46/mile and 1 mile cool down @8:26/mile.  It was so fun to run during the day!  It was clear and beautiful.  I overdressed (note to self: 17 degrees at night and 17 degrees during the day is NOT the same).  How could I not enjoy myself when my view looked like this?

Last week's goal:  Keep up the cross training and strength training.  No problems here!

This week's goal:  Eat less fatty foods.  Last week was bad news and the Super Bowl was the icing on the cake.  I've been pretty good about sweets, but I need to eat fewer corn dogs and nachos make healthier choices for my meals.

How was your week?  What was your favorite workout?


Teamarcia said...

Great week girl! It is SO true about injuries teaching us something...if we're not to busy cursing them to notice. My week workout-wise was great. Food wise not so much.

Tricia said...

awesome week!

Christie said...

Great week miss!!! LIke you said, the biggest thing I learned from my injury was the importance of strength training and CONTINUING to strength train even when you get better:)

Utah is such a gorgeous state huh?

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

What a great week of workouts!! I really want to visit Utah. Every time I see these pictures it just convinces me more and more that it's a place that I NEED to see. It looks absolutely beautiful.

Last week was horrible for workouts because I was sick but I got back on track today with a leg and plyometric workout. I can barely walk. I love that feeling :)

Ann said...

That view is AWESOME!!! I had a couple awesome runs last week and am looking forward to starting my OFFICIAL half-marathon training this week!! :)

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

The number one thing I miss about Utah are the mountains! Thanks for posting pictures of them every once and awhile so I can drool over them.

I'm so glad your injury is feeling better! That's phenomenal! I'm super excited for you!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Wow gorgeous view and great week. You are doing awesome with the MP tempo. I think that pace is going to feel pretty darn easy for you by the time the marathon rolls around. :)

Coy Martinez said...

Girl! Look at that view!! One of the things I love about having running friends that live out west is ALL THE PICS! So beautiful!

I'm so thankful you're back to your old running self! Just needed some down time!

You said Super Bowl and Cake in the same sentence. Two of my favorite things!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Suz and Allan said...

Great week!!! I was pretty lazy this past week with workouts but I tackled a massive to do list around the house so I'll take it.

jclay said...

Great weekly rundown! I'm glad you're feeling better and back to running... I want that fight and fight and fight and suddenly feel better thing... I guess I need a little more fight for my hip. :)