Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly RUNdown

"You can't control your level of talent, but you can control your level of effort."
-Thomas Blake

This is the first week where I finally felt like I was able to train hard.  It felt so good!  Each run left me feeling pushed to the limit- which is exactly what I like.  At the beginning of this week I'm not sure what I will be able to do.  The 12 miler on Saturday left my foot (that seemed to be getting much better) pretty sore again.  I don't regret the training I did, but I'm grateful that this week is a bit of a taper week.

Monday:  Cycling 13.8 miles in 50 minutes, 16.6 mph.  This was definitely my hardest on the big thus far.  Even did a few "sprints".

Tuesday:  ITBS Rehab, and 5 mile tempo.  I did 1 mile WU, 3 tempo miles at 6:51, 6:54, and 6:58, and then a 1 mile CD.  I ran in the rec center and it was so. hot.  I wanted to die, but, as always, I was so glad I pushed myself hard.

Wednesday:  Cycling, 12 miles in 45 minutes, 16 mph.  Strength training from Run Less, Run Faster.

Thursday:  4.58 miles hills with 8:12 average pace, 306 foot gain.  Ran with Jami and she smoked me.  Again.  I'm starting to wonder if I will ever be able to keep up with her on the uphill again???

Friday:  Cycling, 12 miles in 1 hr.  This was super easy- just keeping my legs moving.  NTC- sculpted arms.

Saturday:  12 miles at 7:59 average pace.   I ran with Jami for the first 6 miles, and then finished the last 6 by myself.  I felt really great until the last mile and a half, and then it started to feel hard.  It was windy, but thankfully we weren't running into it (except when we were climbing the one hill on the route- of course).  My foot wasn't too painful during the run, but it has been bothering me pretty bad since.

For Saturday's run I organized a group of girls to drive to a spot and then we'd all run back home.  We all rode up together and then we split up because we all run a different pace.  Even though we weren't together the whole time while running, it was still so much fun.
Yours Truly, Katie, Jami, Mindy, and Jill

We started running at about 6 AM, so we got to watch the sun rise.  It was so beautiful!  I wished I had my camera on me to capture a neon pink Mt. Timpanogos.  I couldn't resist this shot of my running view when I was driving back from picking up my car.

I know I post a lot of pictures of the mountains, but I'm in love with them, so you'll just have to deal.

Last week's goal:  Strength train 4 times.  I didn't hit 4, but I did work on legs twice.  I still feel really good about my workout week.  I was active everyday and felt great- that is what is most important.

This week's goal:  Listen to my body.  I've been trying to pretend that my foot issue isn't as big of a deal as it really is.  3 weeks after the incident and it is still bothering me.  So, I'm going to be careful this week and if I'm still feeling pain walking, I'm going to cross train instead of run.  As much as I hate to do it, I think that's what has to happen.

Sometimes do you wonder if "racing" is even worth it?  Is it better to just take it easy and enjoy yourself without putting on the pressure?
Lately I have been thinking about this a lot.  This training cycle has left me feeling so helpless.  I just never know what I am going to be able to do and it has been frustrating.  I feel like if I pull out of the marathon, or decide to just run it in 4 hours or something, then I wouldn't be stressing so much and I would be better at listening to my body.  I just don't know what to do.  I'm feeling very conflicted.


kalie said...

Way to go! Your tempo paces are so amazing. I love the group picture, too. This weekend was my first solo long run in a while, and it felt different.

I'm so sorry about your foot! I agree that training makes you feel so nervous about any injury, because you don't want to miss a single run.

Rachelle Wardle said...

Awesome training! First of all you completely killed that tempo run. I mean seriously? There is just no way I could pull that off right now. Secondly I never get sick of the pictures. Love the mountains and your group looks so fun! Lastly I can relate to your last comment 100%!! Some days I just want to enjoy the pure bliss of running again and forget about improving. I think the key is training for a few key races a year and truly enjoying the downtime in between. I am definitely still searching for my balance.

Coy Martinez said...

I can relate to all of this is a BIG way!!

First, the mountains! THOSE MOUNTAINS are BEAUTIFUL! I could just gaze at that picture all afternoon! I know people would like my view with all the horses but I long for some mountains!

I get what you say about "racing" and is it worth it?? It's a huge question. I love to PR and push myself but that's only half of me. The other half of me loves to run in my Vibrams and take the watch off. I'm trying to do both.

Ali Mc said...

soon this is going to be me - rehab days and such. I am so happy everything is going better for you Amylee :) Looks like an awesome group of girls you've got there. I miss my group runs. Can't wait to get back.

I am so jealous of your landscape.

Pugmire family said...

Amy!!! How are you? I started running about a month ago and was determined for it to be different this time. I got so discouraged last year with the ITband stuff but mostly with never getting faster. Anyway, I did my research and realized I was running...well..wrong. I love the feeling of finally moving forward! Love that you have made running part of your lifestyle. I need to come up to Heber and see everyone. Miss ya

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I feel that all the time. I want to be fast and race, but I can't decide if the pressure and stress I put on myself to do well in races is worth it. To be honest if I wasn't pushing myself to be better I'd probably stop running all together. I don't do well without a goal. Although sometimes the pressure of the goal drives me bonkers (which is especially strange since it's all self imposed) I know that I am accomplishing so much and doing so much more than if I weren't racing. I would say "for the fun of it" but really, I love racing and that is fun for me!

I adore every single mountain picture you put up. I've said many times that Mt. Timpanogos is the number one thing I miss about Utah. So every picture you put up is a treasure.

DGri said...

Whoever found that quote at the first must be a real genius ;-)!

My thoughts on racing are also fraught. I've come to appreciate the metaphor: life's a marathon. In life, we have (race) goals that we consistently strive to achieve. And. . .sometimes, we may try our best but we simply won't achieve them, in the form of our initial mental iteration at least. When that's the case I recall the quote about shooting for the stars "you may end up in the trees, but you'll go farther than you ever thought possible."

And, who knows, things might line up in such a way that we WILL achieve this goal or that. (I may just get in to one of the PhD programs I applied to!) In these cases: hooray! But, at the end of the day a mile is a mile is a mile (at 4mins, 6 mins, or 17 mins a piece/ or PhD is just a degree-not a true measure of self-worth). I try to love myself, my body & abilities, set realistic goals and-come race day-be prepared to accept the best I can do and LOVE the journey!

Pardon the stream-of-consciousness comment. All sorts of kookiness, eh?

Julia said...

i have been thinking about the racing question too. i feel like i am loving just enjoying running when/how far/how fast i want to without the pressure of it all being considered "training" you know!?! anyway. fantastic week my friend. I, too, am obsessed with the mountains and will miss them dearly. take care of that foot.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Gorgeous scenery for your run- wow! I wonder about racing sometimes, and whether is sucks the joy from running?

Taryn said...

What an awesome workout week. That is incredible!

LOVE the area you are running beautiful is that! :)

MotherRunner said...

Wow - beautiful, beautiful photographs. I love where I live, but I'd gladly trade one or two of the cornfields for a view like that. :)

So glad you're running hard again... you are one speedy mama!

Cory Reese said...

1) Your paces are positively nutz. Nutz. Way to go!

2) At least once you have to do a totally fun marathon. No Garmin. No goal time. (Not allowed to say you don't have a goal time but secretyly you do.) Intentionally go slow. Hang out with the people at the back of the pack. Not because an injury makes you, but because you choose to. Bring a camera. Stop a lot to take pictures of the crazy people or the awesome scenery. Slow down some more so you can suck every last drop out of the race. Encourage someone at mile 23 who thinks they are going to die.

I PROMISE - if you do this just once, you may never go back to racing again.

Anonymous said...

Nice week! And I love, love the picture! please share all you want. :D