Friday, January 13, 2012

IT Band & Shin Splint Rehab Exercises

First off- I'm so awkward.  How in the world did I study theater in college?!  WHY DID PEOPLE EVER CAST ME?!

I'm baffled.

Second- I love you guys.  A lot.  Here's the proof:

IT Band and Shin Splint Rehab Exercises


*My husband makes me laugh.  This cannot be stopped, or controlled.

**I am not a photographer.

***I am not a videographer!  I'm so awkward on camera.  Just, get over it and follow the exercises.  You're welcome that I got over my insecurities so quickly to offer these to you ;).

****I am not a doctor.  If you are suffering from pains, I cannot tell you enough how much I encourage you to go and see a physical therapist.  Only they can properly diagnose you and give you the treatment you need.

That being said, here are the list of exercises that my Physical Therapist gave me for IT Band rehab as well as shin splints.

1.  Bridges and Clam Shells
2.  One legged bridges- You bridge up and extend one leg.  You then lower your buns until they nearly touch the ground and then bridge back up.  If you are a weakling like me, these will kill you!  My hamstrings often cramp during these.  I do 12 on each leg, then switch.  2 sets on each leg.

3.  Monster Walk and Side Steps
4.  Dead Lift Leg Raises- These are like a dead lift using 10 lb weights (feel free to use heavier!) only you lift one leg as you bend over.  Do 12 reps on each leg and then transition to backward lunges.  Do 2 sets of each exercise.

5.  Backward Lunges- These are your basic lunge, only you step backward instead of frontward.  Do these while holding 10 lb. weights.  Do every other leg for 30 repetitions.  2 sets alternating with the dead lift leg raises.

6.  Weighted Squats- (If you have access to a gym, I would do the leg press using only one leg).  50 squats with weights (10 lb).  2 sets.

The following are for Shin Splints:
7.  Body Twists
8.  Eccentric Calves
9.  Heel Walks


Aaron Gelter said...

Great post! I'll definitely have to try these, especially the ones for shin splints. Thanks!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Thanks for sharing these! I'm in desperate need of help for my IT band, hopefully these make a difference!

Ali Mc said...

I loved these vids Amylee!!!!! and you know what Jess from rerunning told me about those walks....I do them after every run - on my heels toes forward and toes in then out....and on my tip toes forward, out and in....I haven't had any issues with shin splints since I started doing them :)

I am going to try the other exercises. You are so cute!!! I love how serious you are in these b/c I always thought you were way more bubbly ;)

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

You are super duper cute.

I will be trying all that stuff for sure. (And dang, your calf muscles were looking good in the eccentric calves!)

I wish we could be training buddies.

Love the art gallery.

sNick said...

I only watched these because of your disclaimer about how awkward you are, but I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. These aren't really awkward, they're actually informative. Shoot.

Amber said...

Nick, you weren't laughing? I was totally laughing. But only cuz I love Amy so so much. The shin ones will seriously help me. Thanks a mill, Amy.

jclay said...

I love the videos!!! Not at all awkward! If I had a play or movie running, I'd cast you as the lead this second! :)

I actually screwed my hip up pretty bad this week (and then, of course, proceeded to run a 5k on it today) and started these same strengthening exercises a couple of days ago...

I hope we both heal up quick! :)

-Jess (rerun)

Julia said...

oh man oh man. we all know i need to do some strengthening! thanks for sharing friend!

Christie said...

LOVED these videos :) I am going to use these strengthening exercises for sure!!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Um seriously these are awesome!! Thank you so so much for sharing. I have been dealing with shin problems for a while now and will definitely be incorporating all of these. Thanks again!

Aaron Gelter said...

Where do you get the "thera-band" or whatever you called it?