Thursday, March 15, 2012

Winner and Miracles

The winner of the Handful Bra giveaway is Jen from Running with the Girls!
Congrats, Jen!  Send me your name, mailing address, and bra size (Wow.  Don't think I've ever asked anyone to tell me that straight up before.) via the "contact me" form on my blog. You are going to love this bra.

Sooooooo, my feet hurt.  I've officially grounded myself from running until I can at least walk without pain.  I'm hoping I can hop back into my training schedule on Tuesday.  For now, I am resting and cycling.

In fact, I just walked upstairs from completing a 1 hour and 40 minute bike ride.  Woah.  Still can't believe that happened.  I figure it would take me that long to run 13 miles, and that's what was on my training schedule for my long run this week.  We'll see if I'm sore in a whole new way tomorrow.

I hope so, because that will make me feel like I did something hard.

I'm still icing, stretching, and- miracle of miracles- I was able to get new shoes.

Y'all should always buy your shoes from a running store.  If you are in Northern Utah, you should go to Salt Lake Running Company.

No lie- I walked into the store with my New Balance running shoes that had 120+ miles on them, no box, no reciept, and told them the shoes were causing me foot pain and I would like to exchange them if I could, and they did!

I almost cried from joy.  I will not be able to take the shoes back that I got in exchange, but that's fine.  I am now sporting my first pair of Nike's.
I ran in these in the store for awhile.  They felt so cushioned and they had a wider toe box than the Asics I was comparing them against.  I hope they will serve me well- I just need to get my foot to heal up first.

I also ended up getting my first set of inserts for arch support (I over pronate) as well as pads to help the metatarsalgia.  I feel like my feet have had a comfort makeover.

So- here's to the best!  And here's to leaving town and not packing my running shoes so that I will be able to keep my promise to myself of NOT RUNNING until next week...


Amy N. said...

Totally, bummed I didn't win the giveaway but bonus that I didn't have to tell you my bra size because then you'd be embarrassed of me and stop talking to me.

I'm super excited to hear how your foot makeover serves you! I hope that it solves all your problems!

FitGirl said...

Good luck with the Nikes!! I love mine :)

Ali Mc said...

wow that's amazing! that would NEVER happen here. EVER! we have one running store chain....and they suck. I am so happy for you!!!!! :)

congrats to Jen too!!! i love her :)

Terra said...

You're wearing my shoes! I LOVE my shoes:)

Suz and Allan said...

I love those shoes!

Congrats Jen!

Jen said...

Yay!!!! I love Handful - you made my night. Emailing you in a few minutes! :)

Mandy said...

That's brave (and smart) to not packing your shoes! Love local running stores, they're always so good about returns/exchanges! Congrats on the new shoes!

Mindy Kohler said...

I have had Nikes since I started running and I LOVE them - but you already knew that ;) In fact yesterday I bought my first pair of non-Nike running shoes because they didnt have the Frees or Lunarglides that I wanted. My new ones are still pink though, and SUPER comfortable, I ran 10 miles in them today.

Coy Martinez said...

Darn that foot! At least you got some new software for your feet :) Take some time off and see how it goes. Be careful, you might end up loving that bike more than running. :) I'm in a phase now where I love swimming and biking more than running. It's cheating, I know HAHAHAHAHA!

Rachelle Wardle said...

You are my hero for staying on the exercise bike for that long! Sheesh way to go.

Love the new shoes and I really hope the work for you. I am a over-pronator as well so I totally understand how frustrating the shoe thing can be.

Ann said...

Those shoes are adorable. Love the pink! I never end up with pink shoes. LOL.