Friday, December 16, 2011

What TO wear. Winter running edition!

I thought that most people felt the same way about running in the winter as I do... turns out I was wrong!

I can't help but wonder if it's because y'all aren't dressing properly?

Running in the winter is stellar.  I'm telling you!  It's so calm and peaceful outside.  There isn't as much traffic.  You don't walk in the door totally drenched in sweat.  You really can enjoy the benefits of outside running year round.  The key is dressing properly.

Here is what I wore on my 12 mile run last night-
Fleece ear warmer ($3), glove liners ($0.99), long sleeve Nike cold gear shirt ($40ish... I don't really know because it was a gift), long running pants from The Gap ($40), and I'm wearing compression thermal pants from WalMart ($15) under my running pants and a cotton T-shirt under my running shirt.  I was cool and comfortable for the run and it was between 23 to17 degrees outside.

In lower temperatures you might see me running in:
19 to10 degrees- I like to throw a wind breaker on over the top of this.
10 to -18 degrees- I wear a beanie that covers my entire head, a thicker pair of gloves, and a lined cold gear jacket that I got from Columbia for $30.

When I run at night I always wear my amphipod vest, a blinking LED light on my rear, and a head lamp.

Don't be afraid of the cold weather!  What's the worst that could happen?  I suppose you could walk in the door and look like this:

That is what my brother in law looked like after we ran a 5K on Thanksgiving morning.  It was -5 outside AND FREAKING COLD.  Once we got moving, it wasn't too big of a deal.

It helps to warm up with some hot cocoa and a bath :).


kalie said...

I agree. Winter running is the best! I didn't even sweat on my run today. But I do agree also that dressing appropriately makes/breaks the run. Now if I could only find a way to make my iPod work without having to take off my gloves. :) How did your 12 go? I am trying to decide how far to go tomorrow.

Running With The Girls said...

There's nothing like a hot shower after one of those brutally cold runs! Love your post. Cold running is what I do here in Maine too!

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

That is an awesome picture! You rock.

I'm with you! I LOVE running in the winter! I would much rather run in the cold (within reason) than in the heat.

Suz and Allan said...

You ran in -18 degree weather?! OMG! I am complaining about it being 36 in the morning. I'm shutting up now!

Falon said...

I loveee the snow stache!

Ali Mc said...

lol that last photo was amazing Amylee!!!

I am sooooo busy today but when I saw this topic I just had to stop by - GREAT post :D

this is my first winter running and ...well, I haven't done much running outside yet. I want to though. This really helped.

Question - you say you're wearing cotton underneath your running shirt. As newbie I am confused? I thought cotton was bad? and that your base layer shouldn't be cotton??

If this isn't so I am excited as I don't have a lot of running clothes :( Thanks!

Jamie said...

I love that last photo!

I think that the biggest mistake people make is overdressing, you don't want to be too warm! YOu should always plan on feeling 15 to 20 degrees warmer than it is outside once you start running.

Jessica @ said...

Hilarious picture!!! Thanks for the advice... I'm one of those not in love with cold running types... I do it anyway, but I don't love it. Maybe I need to come run with you this winter and you're good attitude might rub off on me some. :)

amber said...

Thanks for visiting my blog with the nice comments!

I LOVE running in the winter. Since I'm smaller than last year I had to buy all new running clothes for the cold. And I'm not complaining. :)
I don't have to worry about any chaffing anywhere. lol. I love wearing pant and cute knee socks to make it fun. I seem to dress perfect every time and I'm always warm. And you can run at anytime of the day. Though I am a morning runner. I have the same vest and a headlight that was from a relay, so it works great.

I don't really sweat. I get it from my dad. So in the summer my friends are jealous that my hair and makeup look perfect, I don't even look like I ran. lol
But- this winter is a different story- not sure what happened but I totally soaked my jacket yesterday running 5.5 miles maybe 30 degrees. Maybe because I run faster and farther than last year. lol Crazy. But I love taking a hot shower after to warm the bones. :)

I am afraid of coyotes and dogs around here. I don't know if I could pass that house with all those animals!

The pic of you with snow on your face is hilarious. Sorry. lol


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