Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You know you're a runner when your physical therapist is your Facebook friend.

Will drew an "All About Me" poster in preschool today, and one of the sections talked about his favorite place. He drew this:
I think last weeks blogger meet up at Yogurtland had an affect on him. In case you're wondering, that is blue frozen yogurt with "bobo balls" in it. (Whatever those things actually are, I have no idea, but he loved them). Good times, eh?!

On to other news...

I'm feeling decent. If the marathon were only an 8 mile race, then I wouldn't feel worried. But, it's not- so, enter worry.

I ran 6 miles on Saturday and felt pretty good. My leg felt tight (not painful or sore) during part of the downhill about halfway through, so I stopped and stretched and then walked down to the bottom of the little hill. After that I had NO problems whatsoever. I can't remember what our pace was exactly... 8:45? I'm too lazy to look it up.

I rested until today (Tuesday), and this morning I ran 2 miles at an 8:19 pace; I wasn't pushing it, but I wasn't trying to go really slow either. I felt a little sore. I've been able to feel it multiple times throughout the day. Boo to that.

My PT was out of town and I left a message to get in hopefully sometime tomorrow. I've already decided I'm not going to run at all until the marathon. It's pretty sad when your PT is one of your Facebook friends. Seriously. I should be his sponsor or something.

I'm going to toe that start line, and I honestly can't say whether I'll be running 2.62 miles, or 26.2 miles. Either way, I'm excited to take part in the experience. I have some incredible friends to cheer on (Go Darcy, Mindy and Cory!!!), and I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH. Whether I can run this one or not, my next marathon I am going to kick some serious trash.

Here's to Ogden Marathon 2012!!!!

3 days until the waiting is over.


Cory Reese said...

I desperately wish an 8:19 pace wasn't pushing it for me.

I hate to tell you this...but...you're doing 26.2. Done. Put it in the books. I have faith. Your body is going to light up as you're standing on the starting line.

Plus - I just saw this article which is awesome. Read it asap:

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

When can you sign up for Ogden? I want to sign up!!! Girl, you are going to do incredible. I love that your pt is on Facebook. But you know what made my day....Drew's favorite place. I guess that just means we have to go more often! YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK TOP OF UTAH!

Jessica @ www.rerunrunning.com said...

Hahaha!!! I love Will's drawing and that Yogurtland is his favorite place!!! I'd have to agree with him. :)
Good luck with everything... you have a really good, positive attitude about it right now, so I'm sure no matter what, you'll come out of it well.
I'm so anxious to hear how it goes that my stomach keeps doing flips like I'm doing a marathon...

MotherRunner said...

You're going to do great! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Amy N. said...

I haven't ever been to yogurtland and the fact that I haven't is a big gaping hole in my running blog life! How can anyone take me seriously? ;)

I'm excited about your race! I hope you do well, but more importantly I hope you live to walk another day after!